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Maxime Capron | Global Publishing at Ateam Inc.

日本 |

Brady Mehagan | Global Business Lead, Entertainment Division General Manager, & Ateam Inc. Corporate Officer

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan |

Reviews 23,556

  1. Cool game
    Billy Robinson
    Fun game. Good puzzles, but there's not a lot of information to help figure them out. I found help with the drawers and gym bag online. After that, I was okay. Nice alternate endings and puzzle codes change if you fail.
  2. Hints for people who get stuck:
    Chris Powell
    Deadmans board behind 3 drawers has 3 numbers align them down to get either L(left)C(center) r (right) as in drawer combination. Next to 3 numbers is 3 extra, do the same and get 6 letters for the drawer code. Bag combination is by how the ring sparkles compared to back board. Dot dot dot=square square square = combination 3. Then dot long dot and dot=square rectangle square=I forgot? Anyway, the whole point in both puzzles is to use that back board. Monster-mirror pentagram-grab book on ground.
  3. Keeps on crashing.
    Ellie G.
    The graphics and sounds are just okay, but the gameplay doesn't give you much to go on when it comes to figuring things out without purchasing hints. The game also force closes a lot and it looks like I'm not the only one who experiences this based on other reviews. Also, the girl's head keeps blocking a piece of paper or something.
  4. Think I'll just pay the ransom.
    Tim Williams
    Otherwise, she's staying in that room. It's a weird concept. A bit too freaky for me. It's also actually more difficult than a real life hostage situation. There's almost no help and the free hint is useless. It also keeps stopping. Poor Ellie. I'm going to have nightmares.
  5. Heca recommends *-*b
    Hecate FAWT
    I know many games like this cause I love mystery games and this is one of my few recommendations to all mystery lovers. I repeat, must DL and I mean now!! This is a very hard game that you might go insane so if you can't take the heat, just ask Google...only really smart people can complete this game without hints and I'm one of them xD...PS. save Ellie or Die trying (literally)
  6. The game is awesome but...
    Heidmar Tapia
    The game is awesome but a il bit dificult so when you did a step wrong you got to restart ir and its annoying but i love the game
  7. Ridiculous
    Melissa Schultz
    Got the desk open and now that I'm working on her bag it keeps resetting my phone. Testing my patients. I don't recommend this game at all. It doesn't give you any hints and what you figure out is by luck. Seeing as my nexus keeps shutting off...I'm not a happy gamer. Fix the glitches and give us hints.
  8. Doesn't play well on one plus.
    Aimee Cash
    It's okay, but as good as the game seems, it won't stay open. Randomly freezes, restarts, sometimes it won't even get past the ateam logo screen. It's not good enough to go through the hassle of forcing it to save as often as possible and restart my phone just for those extra few minutes of play time.
  9. Awesome!
    Trishia Javier
    I love it sooooo much! I found it out......I beat the fake Ellie....I wish I could buy the next one
  10. Ellie
    Vickie Corley
    Gave 1 star because have not been able to play game. If you could fix that little problem I would be more than happy to give you 5 stars
  11. Very fun!
    AnaBelle Berry
    I love this game. Along with Murder Room, this was one of the first apps I redownloaded onto my phone after I lost my old one. Lovely game.
  12. Ugg
    Ashleigh Call
    Does not even load. Black screen with music is all i get and if I click on the black screen it brings me a window to download another game... Was really looking forward to playing it too... =(
  13. Great Game
    Mayu Krisnawan
    Nice story. The ending was great, but the clues must be more logical. Make another game like this one. Loved it!
  14. Wont open
    JoAnn Parsons
    It just comes up to the ateam screen and my phone freezes for an hour until the battery runs all the way down fix this and ull get5 stars
  15. Amazing game
    Jaclyn Woodlief
    Really enjoyed playing this game. I wish it was longer though and gave more background and stuff. Can't wait to see what other games Ateam comes up with
  16. Hard but awesome...
    viruz toledz
    I didn't expect that I have to think so much just to open the drawer and bag.
  17. Mina Amouna
    It's a good game and hard to play , you should think little beet , and guys cam you help me
  18. Good
    Madhu Kumar
    Hi ,my name Megha and I am 10 ,I like to say something about this game .This takes so much storage and I downloaded it was a bit scary , at first then I had lots of fun and it was hard .But using hint we start hating using the hint .Mhhh..but it does not look like Ellie .Having good effects in the game .I think make more games like this one .I love this games. (And I can't get the cord of the bag combo )this comment I had put after playing sooo I'm not liking this game the comment that had put in the first (big sentences) I had put it when it was downloading I think I need to comment something when we taken the to play. I need to use my brain more
  19. best game evr playd!!!
    Madhabilata Devi
    its very tricky n hints are availble in google its realy scary...try both d ends....enjoy
  20. Great idea.
    Rob Bell
    Great idea, puzzles too abstract. Its OK being complicated as long as its logical. Shouldn't have to be standing in a certain place to pick things up. Sorry serial killer story fellas!


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