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Maxime Capron | Global Publishing at Ateam Inc.

日本 |

Brady Mehagan | Global Business Lead, Entertainment Division General Manager, & Ateam Inc. Corporate Officer

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan |

Reviews 21,385

  1. Forces close
    Stephanie Sadel
    I was really looking forward to playing this game because of the reviews. But, it constantly forces shut. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times and still it doesn't work. Really kinda bummed. Fix and I will adjust the rating. Thanks!
  2. Addictive!
    Jayla Ellis
    This game had my attention the WHOLE time. It feels like you are really there. Your heart will definitely beat faster than usual. Think of the SCARIEST scary movie you have ever seen, and this is just like that, except in game form. If you are reading this, download this game NOW!! Promise you won't regret it.
  3. elsaannafrozen04 / Shannon
    I was really looking forward to playing this game but every time I click it so I could play it, it won't work it just says that it stoped..... I hope this works soon. ⭐
  4. Erm
    Julia Merrick
    I was really looking forward to playing this game, I downloaded it and it kept saying that the app wasn't responding, uninstalled then re installed but again, no matter how , many times I try to open the app it just says app not responding
  5. Awesome but
    Laura Young
    30/07/15 I just found the corpse the knife and.jack I..dont what else to do but it caught my attention when the creepy noises were on...IM like "omg that noise scary as a real demon".don't ask how they.look I've seen them but wow it's awesome
  6. Awesome
    Hailey Lenox
    It is a really enjoyable game. It creates an eerie atmosphere and through timing you at some points it keeps you on your toes. The only problem I have with it is that every once in a while it freezes and shuts down, but other than that it's a good game.
  7. Trivial, but worth it
    Roni Gurcsik
    The story is captivating and the fear factor is a bit humorous. Some puzzles are easy while others make you need to replay the chapter. You definitely need to play the game at least 2 times.
  8. Keeps crashing
    Nancy England
    Looking forward to playing the game. Every time I click to play it force quits.
  9. I love it!
    yuuki hinamori
    I love this game! It is a bit hard but it was worth has a lot of mysteries and plot twist in the story and it has spoilers and had a another which is essentially connected in the main story but thats is a spoiler...I really love it..lots of mysteries horror and plot twist
  10. What.. I don't understand..
    Vincer Odtohan
    When I enter the game.. All I can see is Black.. (Means the game is ain't workin') And I can hear a.. Chainsaw SFX... Thats all..
  11. Exceeds expectations
    Shelby Fisher
    I was expecting an ok game but I like this one a lot more than most. Its creepy and you get the sense of urgency simply by the ambience. Awesome!
  12. roseb4hoes985
    The only reason i gave this piece of crap one star is because i couldnt give negative 5 never even got to play before i got annoyed with it crashing every time i tried to open it uninstalling it now
  13. It's amazing
    porcelain jones
    It was very difficult, but it was fun and frustrating. I had so many bad endings, but I finally got the true ending so I'm pleased with the game.
  14. Really great game
    Sushila Crockett
    Only 4 stars because it kept freezing and forcing close - when it worked though really great game and defiantly worth getting Another Story if you want to know more about what happens
  15. Too dam hard
    Shafir Iqbal
    Dont waste your time on this game, not only is it fustrating but the puzzles dont make any sense! We cant expect any one to work out inconsistent puzzles, if you want to play this game have the walkthrough ready at hand, not much fun when you keep resorting to walkthroughs!
  16. Very buggy
    Kandace Pansire
    The main story was great, but it crashed often and had to be uninstalled and reinstalled just to work. Also, the "additional story" could not be bought. So it was like I was missing out on half of the story. Would be great, if they could just fix these bugs.
  17. Horror, mystery, thriller.
    sena kobayakawa
    The genres that i really like Its a perfect game. The story, sounds, plot twist. Everything in this game is perfect Good job ATEAM for making this game, oh and there is also ELLIE PLEASE LET ME OUT. Its similar to murder room also and its good ofcourse I hope that ATEAM will make another thrilling game like this. 5/5 :-);-)
  18. Quite a challenging game
    Ali-Cat l Alisha
    congrats if anyone found the ending(s) by themselves. I liked it, but the bad ending didn't really seem "bad". I thought it was going to turn out that someone would catch the character while searching for the key and they'd accuse them as the butcher and then they would be punished with a death sentence blah blah blah but you're actually innocent blah. as for bugs, I only experienced one when I tried to kill the pigman with the good ending. the app just simply closed, making me have to do the chapter again.
  19. Unoriginal, unfriendly, unworthy!
    Nitzan Havoc
    Loved the game and enjoyed it, fun and intense! Except for the shameless Saw rip offs, the constant force close, not being able to buy the last part because dev is too lazy to make google play paymenta available, and of course the ao called "true" ending that is an absolute meta-gaming cheat. So I enjoyed it and was gonna rate 5☆, but the bad taste left because of the bad things deserves a 1 if not less. Washing my hands off this dev.
  20. Keeps crashing.
    Tim Williams
    Which is a shame because it looks proper exciting. I did get to the point where I was horribly murdered which, compared to other reviewers is a bonus. Not often you can say being chopped up by a chainsaw wielding pig/man thing is good, I suppose. Creatively interesting, technically disappointing.