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Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000


Marc Flerackers | Software engineer at PONOS Corporation

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Yuta Nozawa | Marketing Manager at Ponos

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masato oikawa | PONOS Corporation - なし


Hiroyuki Uneme | Dynacom Co.,Ltd.

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Reviews 275,874

  1. Nice game
    Anouschka Gerwen
    Really fun game to play even if you dont want to spend money. My friend codes are bu9v5 and z2b4i btw. Feel free to use them.
  2. Wwww
    Aisyah Ainathasya
    Its kinda weird but i love it so much lah. That god cat tho pfffft please insert this code yle02 to receive more gift, thank you~
  3. Best Free Game Ever
    Battle Cats is constantly updated, and there is always something to do. It is a very humorous game with interesting cats, a great soundtrack, an addicting leveling system, and the stages definitely get harder to the point where you have to strategize and decide what cats to pick before a battle and when to buy them during a stage. The developers are also very generous and often hand out free stuff to encourage players to get on everyday.
  4. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    crystal daniel
    I LOVE THIS GAME the cats are funny theres weird cats that don't look like cats it's supportive the battle cats not there's very wired cats and there's a stick man with a buzoocu yes very funny but it's a fun game when you get the GOOD cats don't stop playing you'll miss out on all the fun. Sorry if I spelled any words rong I'm not very GOOD at spelling long words.
  5. Excellent
    Jefrio Aditya Fauzi
    Nice game n gameplay. May be it'll more fun if there is a stage like "endless" in a plant vs zombie.
  6. Great
    john lowery
    Its an addicting game at first then if u wven stop doing missions u cat still up lvl ur cats ?!
  7. Good
    Kevin Keith
    Will give 5 when you fix the cat food offers owes me 194 cat food now I can't even get to the page
  8. This game is so great
    Saleena Jawad
    I got my whole family playing this and we couldn't wait for version three!! Super excited! So addicting!!!
  9. Love the new update!
    homur sempson
    Can you give us a chance to like get more silver tickets? I know their is a ticket chance stage but most of the times when i beat it i never get a ticket and that is just 500 energy down the drain. Then i have to wait a looong time for it to go back up. Like maybe please increase the chance up a bit so we can have a better chance of getting a silver ticket please
  10. Cam Conway
    Good game but needs a sandbox mode to test out different strategies without and energy cost
  11. The game
    Martin Romano
    Great game, funny and addictive.if u can help me please enter my code: g65js
  12. :)
    Vincent Torio
    No rare cat tickets for us BCEN users? Haha
  13. Waring is ok
    Max Gaming
    To update a name cat harzel cat name or next day reward: 30 cat food ok new cat harzel cat be ok '-'
  14. jonathan armora
    great game spend hours playing . here's my friend code if you want u42r1
  15. Wonderful game!
    Nathan Gonzalez
    This game is so creative, fun, and balanced! Please enter my code flsc3
  16. The ending
    Tristan Matson
    I did not quite I've I survive and kill the bad guy at end I kill the head took me 4 hour to kill the head and do not listen when it so to slow do not quite I a gamme master that why I did it
  17. Awsome
    Jenna Guzman
    Very cute game! Here is my freind codes to get free gifts hf6bj and x1lfw You can only use one of them :)
  18. ...
    Some Random
    The neko overdose is real in this game!! Recommend it to anyone
  19. Kelly Bannon
    Good game! Some parts are hard, but overall an addicting game
  20. Excellent game
    I love it. Also, can anyone please do me a favor copy my my codes for moneko and peas cat. m8tjr for moneko, 3dwet for peas


What`s new


■ Misc. Bug Fixes


■ Earn Meow Medals by unlocking certain achievements in the game.

 ※ Available after clearing the Japan stage of Empire of Cats Ch. 1

■ New True Forms
 3rd forms added for certain Uber Rare Cats

■ New Stories of Legend Maps
 Plus, higher difficulties added to certain existing maps

■ Other
 New User Rank Rewards

■ Misc. Bug Fixes

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