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  1. You know exactly what you're getting into
    Aras Kabaca
    Want a solid free-to-play match game with heavy grinding and literally thousands of collectable monsters? This is your game.
  2. Fun, Addictive
    Daniel Pasillas
    This game is fun to play, but the latest update added push notifications to play the game. This is an abusive practice. Push notifications are for news, not to remind me to play your game. I will will play when I want to play, not when you tell me to. I almost uninstalled due to notifications, but at least I can turn off notifications through Android. When will game developers learn that notifications aren't meant for games?
  3. Enjoyable and Addictive
    Bret Pray
    I've played for two months, and I still feel the urge to log in and play. I've always been a IAP player,and knowing I don't "need" to for this game is refreshing. (I still do though)
  4. Amazing
    Jason Alejandre
    I lost my level 111 account a few months ago and now I got it back today and all I have to say is this game is just amazing and incredibly fun I strongly suggest you play this game(update)it's 1 year later and I lost my account again and nobody wants to help :'(
  5. Unacceptable error
    Maryanne Gardner
    I downloaded the update and lost all my game progress. I attempted to have my data recovered but I can't, because I did not make an in game purchase nor do I have the secret code. I have loved this game up to this point. I am just very upset over losing my progress.
  6. Best game on android!
    Vittorio Viegas
    Simply my favorite game on Play Store. It has a simple premise but as you play you find out there are many different ways to play the game, many things to keep you engaged and to top it all off, if you can it's lovely to play without in app purchases.
  7. Best game ever!!! Works on lollipop 5.1 yay
    Crystal Gail
    I don't understand how people could say the guys at gung ho don't care. They took time and read the problems my mom had and she was able to get her account back. We aren't paying players. This game is fun and thank you gung ho you make my day and you made hers!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! Its a fun game that definitely makes you think and you have to try to think out your moves before they happen too. Always keeps me on my toes. I've tried other wannabe games that were "like" this one but nothing comes close!!
  8. Please Read Been Getting errors
    Joan Mera
    I love this game but Ever since the last update on my s5 been getting errors like crazy just today I tried the Evo materials special dungeon and I errored after I beat it and lost all the drops.... please fix this. Can't play it errors often.
  9. Fun time killer
    Hyourin Asrin
    Fun game to help kill time, Bejeweled mixed with RPG elements. Just wished the updates and cache installed/went to the sd card with the game.
  10. Error
    Raul Garcia
    It keeps asking me to accept the terms of service everything I open the app why is that? I feel like it's gonna delete my data like it's done to others
  11. Truly divine and astounding!!
    Furls Rochefort
    Puzzle and dragons is my absolute time waster, it's my primary source of fun. The art for monsters are truly beautiful, this game is quite the test for your brain as you make combos for challenging dungeons. It's fun, astounding! But the dungeons prove to be difficult and there needs to be more ultimate evolutions for starter monster and recent monsters because it's all about Kali and Ra but, I digress. Play PAD now and forever!!
  12. Austin McKee
    Great game! Btw to the dumb ppl complaining about the notifications, just turn it off in the game settings. Don't rate bad because of your own stupidity
  13. More more more
    Scott haungs
    I would definitely give this 5 stars if I didn't always get the same thing from dragon eggs I would also give it a better review if it wasn't so strict on the cost of monsters or was a little easier to put in monsters of high caliber on the same team other than that good game I have been addicted since spring
  14. I Love this game!
    Guinnypooh B
    Very addictive. I want my monsters to be the strongest! Works great. I just want to keep playing, the more experience, the better the combos. So much strategy to learn & build the best teams for diff types of dungeons.
  15. Fun. But.....
    Jacob Hood
    Game is really fun. Until you get to a point were you can't win any battles. Giant money scam once in the higher levels
  16. Like the game, but recent update with push notifications messes up video watching
    Zack Kelly
    I love the game, I've been playing every day since I got it. Unfortunately, with the newest update, it messes with my video playback everywhere else. It's the only change I've made in my phone today and today is the day I started having problems. It's unfortunate, but I'm going to have to uninstall this game to fix this issue.
  17. You've been warned
    Manuel Garza
    Easy to learn, hard to master. Very deep strategy and mechanics. Say goodbye to life and your wallet. Good thing is, you can play it on the go. Best at parties when standing in the corner by yourself with a beer in one hand, phone in the other, and a fedora/horse mask on your head. You know you're not getting laid anyway so might as well get at them sweet, tasty, golden eggs.
  18. Good game but......
    Justin Caplinger
    I love this game but I paid for stones got them than my game loved me out and I can't get on cuz I didn't write down my Id number on there cuz I wasn't ever gonna log out but with you would give me my stuff back so if you could email me my id that would be nice
  19. Issue
    Emily Humphreys
    This is a great game, but it won't allow me to play my game without the new update and I cant update it on my phone. Please fix this !
  20. Bad update
    scott machowski
    I updated and now it won't load. Just says PAD has stopped working. What the hell !!! I've spent money on this game !!!! Please fix the error!!! Fixing the error will result in 5 stars. Prior to this it was 5 stars. Now it's a 1 at best cause I can NOT play it!!


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