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  1. AN GAMES had a couple of glitches but fixed now.
    John B. D'Ambrosio
    I loved the game and hard work done to fix purchasing crystals. Mistakes and misunderstandings seem to be corrected. Thanks for an awesome, addictive fun strategy game.
  2. William Boreham-Moon
    Problem fixed with last patch, now level cap is higher. Still would have been nice to be told consequences of server choice, but I am back playing now. Actually I liked this game, and spent a few pennies on it. Would be happy to spend more time and money on it, but I just hit the level cap on the server I was allocated when the game started - which is 30 levels below the level cap it seems on the original server.
  3. 2 weeks playing - pros and cons
    Johnny Thornes
    Quite fun to play - can be played for free - can be a little overwhelming at first - good if you like strategy games that involve lots of upgrading - money player have a lot of advantages. Interaction with other players is limited because no private messages or conversation feature and no small alliance or guild - just the two sides - worth a try for any strategy game player
  4. Really fun
    Eypi Freeley
    This game hooked me right away, everything is done so well. Progress is slow in campaign as there are big leaps in difficulty between stages, but war is great. War has rubber band mechanics, giving boosts to one side for each consecutive loss, hence rubber band victories. Not enough hero portraits. Many of my heroes have twins and they're all fleet commanders, whaaaat? Disconnections can cause lost victory prizes because game will not reconnect and forces you to restart the app. Also, confusing engrish.
  5. Fab
    Liam Ingram
    Fantastic, clever, deep and strategic long term game. I genuinely don't feel you need to spend money on this to progress well, but I dropped a fiver on it as I'm so pleased I found it. Love it.
  6. Annoyance
    Nicholas Roman
    Why can I be attacked while I'm playing? Getting tired of when I'm attacking in wars I have to repair constantly cause people constantly hit me. Is this a bug? Or a glitch? Or this the way the game is tended to be? If so maybe give us a warning when a war starts no matter even if h don't participate with it you will be hit.
  7. Excellent but buggy
    Calvin Azzola
    Does not work on 4g for the last 2 weeks "failed to parse json". Love the game though.
  8. It's good for the genre.
    Jason Raymond
    Despite it being one of those limited moves games, there's an awful lot you can get done with what's free.
  9. Great game
    Joel S
    Lots of fun for free! I have not spent any money and can place top 10 in wars whenever i feel like spending the time. Only 2 adjustments I would make would be to make the alien missions non-linear (there is no way I am going to find a lvl 40 alien for my mission when I am running into 75s, I'd rather pluck my eye out than try to go back and try to find one) and add a "blitz" type feature to missions if you beat them like 10x in a row. Farming tron parts is not enjoyable at present.
  10. Asronest
    Clayton Boucher
    Make the heros change form every time they level up get stronger and bolder and fix the loading it loads to long
  11. Cool
    Master Assassin
    Very cool and fun sometimes you don't have much to do on this game but it is still fun
  12. So far I ..
    Dexter Ellis Jr
    Really like the game. It took a couple days to get into it, but it seems to be a good game that you don't, so far, have to spend a ton of cash on.
  13. Can be better
    andrew marshall
    Short tutorial when first starting. There needs to be a full instruction Web site or in game. Detailing every part of the game. Chat needs to be a lot better you can see a few lines in war page but when you go do anything else then go back to chat it's like it's reloaded. I like the game but these things need fixing pls.
  14. Crap
    cole alvey
    Failed to parse json. Haven't even been able to stay the game. Running on s4
  15. Ridiculously grindy and depthful.
    Brian Holtkamp
    If you don't like grinding, this game is NOT for you. If you like strategy that's practically unrivaled in an F2P game and where practically no one can even touch the end content yet, you've found yourself a gem.
  16. Great
    Philip Joyce
    This is one of the best games i have downloaded.
  17. Iltar van der Berg
    Very nice game, though a lot of actions feel delayed. There's always a small pause when pressing something
  18. Fun
    tyler stoflet
    Pretty fun, kinda hard to get into.
  19. Jessica McGirr
    Love this game! No problems with it so far! :)
  20. Nathaniel Wetter
    After about 40 messages of (failed to parse json) I uninstalled


What`s new

1. 4 New skills added
2. Hero Storage added
3. Updated Pursuit Mission and the Pursuit Supplies is available.
4. New unique hero release


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