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  1. Super Cute
    Karen Nunez
    Love this game, always something to do. And u get to have 150 in game friends without having to use facebook only. The only problem I've had is the earning eggs by downloading other apps does not work. I've installed a couple games and opened them then never received my eggs as a reward :(
  2. It's addictive
    Fernansa Koh
    A game that will kill time. Addicted to the game it's so cute to decorate your own farm and restaurants at the same time. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for more updates.
  3. Crash.
    Anthony Justin
    Its a bit quicker than before (loading) but the problem is crashes. It happens when i visit a friends farm and it ends up crashing. Please fix ASAP.
  4. Cute
    pyonk bacon
    Okay better connection to the internet..well, hope it will be faster for next update. Great job. Oh also, sometimes, facebook share crash and closes the app. Please fixed internet and fb share ^^. Thanks ^^
  5. Fun.
    Stacy Veigh
    Very addictive. The graphics are cute. Easy game play. Fun.
  6. Keeps "kicking" me to tablet main screen
    Lawrence Schuster
    just downloaded today and it has "kicked" me to my tablet main screen 10 times already. What is going on with this game?Keyboard also doesn't work.Can't play it anymore. Majorly annoyed .
  7. breezymama810
    Its a fun way to help pass the time each day since you have to check both a farm and a restaurant.
  8. Very Cute
    Cassie Elderfield
    Four out of five but only because it needs to be constantly downloaded. Otherwise good game.
  9. Happy chicken town
    Kirsty Lee
    Cooks the food to fast and won't let e click on the food to put on the counter I don't like it I can complete missions and I just installed it I have to get rid off it
  10. Nice try
    Silverel Black
    I like it because of cute graphic and funny gameplay, but the game requires a lot of gold :'( ... After update, the game seems running well. Overall, best farm game I have played and recommend to my friends.
  11. Please fix ._.
    chelsea gosal
    Force close every i visited few friends
  12. Cute game
    PaTtZ Kss
    Need lots of money to finish quest. A bit though.
  13. GREAT!! But...
    May Karlita
    This game is really great and lovely. I really enjoyed it. But, every time i want to shared to facebook, it always goes blank and close suddenly. Please fix this game, because i really love it. Thank you☆
  14. Lisa Wright
    Once you get the timing issue in line to the game, it's really fun!
  15. Lovin' the game!
    Flo Ri
    This game doesn't have annoying ads. Easy to play. The friend system is pretty good since it doesn't require you to connect to Facebook but I insist if you do because there are great rewards if you decide to connect. I hope there are other ways in gaining eggs. Works great in my Zenfone 5 Kitkat. So far, the game crashes sometimes but it doesn't bother me.
  16. Not bad
    Myeong Erikson
    Love the game overall but there are a few glitches
  17. 너무 좋아 ♥
    Clara Cindy
    It's a combination of farming game and restaurant game! I like it ♥
  18. Like the game
    Lori B
    Would give 5 star if everything worked.
  19. Happiest Chickens Ever!
    Drake Chong
    Ironically named (Chickens getting cooked and eaten probably aren't going to be too happy about it) but amazingly fun and addictive. Yet to feel the need to spend on the game either. Definitelt recommended!
  20. Addictive
    Liza Vega
    Cant stop playing. It just gets a lil boring once u get high lvl and have to wait 4ever


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