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chess online
lodo king
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wcc 2
шахматы онлайн
شطرنج 2016


Reviews 91,932

  1. Real betting please
    Nwankwo Franklin Chinedu
    I want real betting in this game, bet, win and get paid direct to your bank acc, because buying credit and gaining nothing is like a waste of money... besides i just paid for 10 stars, they got my account debited but didn't credit my star..
  2. No option to disable timers
    Will remain 2 stars until an option to remove timers is added or a standard resetting timer. I want to play a game of Chess, not a game of Race Against a Timer.
  3. darshan rs
    Hell with hackers they will be reseting the time machine why the team is not working on that
  4. Great apps
    Reynaldo Purba
    I can face all of player in the world
  5. A few bugs.
    Verner Hornquist
    No captures for 50 moves is a draw according to the rules of chess.
  6. Earth
    Nathaniel Henriquez
    Fun to play with people who live everywhere
  7. Please add following features:
    Lu Morphy
    1. Export of played games in PGN format; 2. Show the best move (hint) when replaying the game. Thanks.
  8. Connectivity and Game timing issue
    Randeep Singh
    Connectivity is very bad. When you are in the middle of the game it lose connection, i cheked my internet connection was working properly ... Second thing is, game timing. I have seen many times that if you ahead of your opponent and then at last stage of opponent timing, its get stuck and goes 10 to 20 seconds back , again and again.....And we lost the game
  9. Best and well done job
    Mohammed Salim
    Interesting and worth playing .i like perfectly...but it doesn't rank among player fairly .i say this because, i have seen..two players with the same victory, same win,same lose,and same draw....but one of them on rank top 20 and another one rank that possible be??need explanation. ..
  10. Would have been 5 of not for in app purchases..
    Raahil Kulshreshtha
    This could have been something really incredible.. And still can.. But the in app purchases are ruining the experience.. Only 3 games a day? That's plain stupid. For a chess game app, the strategy of monetizing could be better..
  11. Connectivity is coding is f***all
    Dipesh Pandit
    it a worse thing that if i get disconnected,i am consider as a loser,.I mean WTF.. First , it takes too much time to reconnect (fu**in i have only 30sec.) second, if i get disconnected twice ,the other player can reject my connection.. Wwwtttttffff...if you improve this,i'll give 5 star
  12. Pretty good. But some hackers.
    Calvin Nel
    Got hacked guy had infinite time. Every time it hit 0 it would come back weather he made a move or not.
  13. Great game but....
    Ahmed Hani
    Absolutely awesome game, very addicting but, one problem, the timer is broken, I hope it is fixed in the next update, keep up the good work ^_^
  14. Robert ilamaran
    Just remove that 3d view after match complete
  15. as lim
    oh, ok. i got it. thanks. btw, i've just updated the latest one, oh please.. now the board is too white!. please bring back board color like before. dont change the board color, the previous was better. thanks.
  16. No good
    Bill Spargur
    Display is confusing, no description to the icons, can't change settings from within a game, functionality sucks. Advertising is annoying. Got stuck many times within game and no way to get back to menu.
  17. Nathan Dewitt
    How do I get the old version back? Just updated it and don't like the new look especially when it lights up when I or my opponents make a move. Can I turn that off somehow?
  18. BS
    Van C
    Justp played a game and somehow my opponent was able to ignore my check with a horse on his king. A minute later same thing happened but with my queen causing me to lose it. Do not waste time on a game that does such's ridiculous. " So just cause my opponent turns off some option he can freely go around my checks???" What the hell is the point of that? Another issues is I logged out and back in my email and now my whole record is gone. What a joke...
  19. Kiese Baniahmad
    Guys its an unbelievable game but i have one question how can i do the castling move ??
  20. Great game.
    Zoran Vukelic
    Works fine, playing is smooth and placing figures is very accurate. Great job


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