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  1. This scanner is by far one of the best
    Tim Walloch
    This scanner is one of the best scanner apps on Google play store it is worth it . I've never ever had a problem with this app. All's I can say is great job to the ones who made this app. so smooth and fast it's great just the way you guys have it set up just great.
  2. Nick D. Clements
    Ever since they started using "shop-adviser" this app is useless. Before I could actually scan products and get amazon results... now I just get a blurry picture that I can either love or leave it. Please tell me I am missing something?
  3. Does exactly what it says
    Henry Vindin
    Perfect app for exactly the functions described.
  4. Won't work
    Dennis Bazemore
    Useless, won't scan I'm not doing anything wrong it just do not work. It is stealing the money it cost!
  5. QR works but not bar code
    Sam Benedict
    This app work for QR scans well but won't work with bar codes pls help
  6. Jóhann Hopkins
    Loveit eadu to ise amd quik and acurate
  7. The Best!
    Ryan Steed
    By far the best barcode reader on the market.
  8. Fast
    Lamar Smith
    Fastest and most accurate scanner I have found.
  9. Perfectly Acceptable for Everyday Use
    Captain Stuart
    A useful, and easy to use scan app, including support for a number of barcode & qr code types. However, actually capturing the scan can regularly take up to a minute or two per code, as the auto focusing completed in this app seems very slow to affect. Otherwise, no criticisms.
  10. Above Average
    Aaron Cavanaugh
    Hi, Saving my 2D code to let others scan in app via their phone would be nice. Thanks. God bless. Aaron
  11. Used daily
    Dan Rupley
    I use this app daily for work. Most of the time its great. I give it 4/5 stars because it scans 4/5 codes. Lighting is a big issue.
  12. Problem when barcode open
    Khashayar Namsehchi
    This really good but now when scan barcode and open it always opening shop advisor page not find the barcode as befor
  13. Not bad for $2 but could be much better
    Dave Jones
    Finds it eventually but I don't like the stores it uses to price check. I do appreciate that there is a light in the scanning screen. The app seems slow but it eventually finds the bar code and usually manages to look it up. The problem is that it looks online where it chooses to, not where I shop. In fact, almost every product I scanned was cheaper on Amazon than any of the stores it listed. A few of my books it could not find anywhere in "ShopAdvisor", but of course Amazon putted them right up. If it let me pick the stores that would be perfect. But you could do worse for $2. MTC One M8
  14. Now Own Motorola Moto G
    Gary Pinkney
    Software Does Not Work Well with ZTE VALET, I Got a New Phone This App Works Well with it! Now Own Motorola Moto G
  15. Not sure why
    Will Braune
    I paid money for this when there is a free version that does the same thing... Whatever, it works!
  16. Slick Scanner
    Louis Sandoval
    Bored and got nothing else to do? Just pay for this and scan. Mayonnaise bottles, mattress tags, or those little stickers on fruit. All their prices can be compared online to see if they may be bought cheaper. Best part is how fast this thing scans when compared to the other scanners you previously downloaded while bored.
  17. Works great
    a anderson
    I use it mostly for AR codes in games... picked up the QRs in watch dogs like a charm
  18. Does not work on
    Angele Roy
    either one of my Nexus 7 tablets or Nexus 4. Had to use a free app to get job done!
  19. Best QR scanner
    Emil Man
    Absolutely the best QR scanner on the market. LOVE this app! Fast and accurate scanning
  20. You people suck
    Chris Moser
    Scan a pack of cigarettes it came up a freaking Samsung motion 3G freaking phone case you guys are retarded. I want my money back.


What`s new

What’s new in version 2.2.4
- Enhancements to the in app browser
- Bug fixes

What’s new in version 2.2.3
- Bug fixes

What’s new in version 2.2.2
- Bug fixes

What’s new in version 2.2.1
- Enhancements to the in-app browser

What’s new in version 2.2
- Fixes to minor issues and enhancements

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