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bye bye love
otome games for adults


Monthly active users estimation: 125,000

Reviews 141,754

  1. Energy
    Celeste Lowery
    Ok I just downloaded this game and I hate it because of its energy y'all take ten energys for each click and that's so stupid then we have to wait a whole day for it to fill back up and those 300 hundred energy doesn't last long sense y'all take ten of them and the little minigame you have to get energy only offers 100 but that's If you pass the freaking game and you don't get to play no more until the next day just stupid!!!!
  2. Wow
    Kendora Scranton
    To be completely honest, this is one of the better rp games. It doesn't cost anything and its real fun. I wish though that you had more I think wishes and maybe a daily sign in where if you sign in so many days you can get more wishes. That's just it about that but overall it has a good story line and its fun!
  3. Good story! But...
    Ashley Roberts
    The energy sucks like everyone says. As soon you get into the story its over till tomorrow.
  4. Visually Beautiful.
    Morganna Woods
    Such amazing art for the characters, and the backgrounds aren't bad either! The Music and sounds are clear, and the writing has a fluidity most visual-novel romances tend to lack most times. The best part is being able to play it for free! Though I wish the energy would replenish itself over time. I definitely have fallen for the game as a whole, and if more come out, I'll be waiting. You've got a new fan 1492 Studio!
  5. Energy
    Quanyell Rankin
    The game has beautiful graphics but I haven't been able to get into the story because the energy runs out extremely quick. 300 energy points is not enough per day & the mini game is just awful. The game should not continuously stop to ask for energy several times in just one chapter. & the cost of energy is just ridiculous! I read a great suggestion from another player that commented make every chapter $1. There are many games just like this one already that lets u purchase the complete game for $4.99.
  6. good
    Chelby Heath
    Its good because its a book but its fun at the same timw but a little problem u only get 300 points and its taken away each time by 10 points. But i would still play it as its fun and its a book at the same time.
  7. Energy sucks
    The story line is great...... Grammar and spelling needs a touch up. Energy levels suck. Go through two pages and bam, energy is already gone. Fix problem or by the looks of things, like the comments, you will be losing a lot of people on this game.
  8. Ok
    kay williams
    It's ok and unlike most games there are plenty of choices to make. My free energy didn't apply and support ticket not answered within 24. But after game crash the free energy was applied. Energy goes down really fast and replens once a day, it doesn't regen over time which I find annoying as the devs haven't organised the chapters with energy in mind meaning the game stops mid convo out of energy, only playing once a day means I often forget the choices I've made or the convo I've been having.
  9. Good but...
    Madison Cheyenne
    It takes forever to load and I think that it uses to energy up way to fast......and it has froze and this black box keeps popping up in the right top corner
  10. Its good
    Jennifer Olise
    I like this game the story line description seem grea ..its just the hole energy thing, and then waiting for every to get enough to read on with the store, it makes me lose interest little by little. If I got to read a little more, maybe I would be more captured by the story and wouldn't want to wait, there for making me more likely to by energy to read on. Teasing me little by little , doesn't really do much . I not really that in tuned with the story, there for I'm not going to spend money on it to read
  11. Deanna Bates
    The game is great to play but it would be nice to have the energy refill itself overtime so I could continue playing it instead of waiting til the next day also when I bought energy it took a while to show up.
  12. Mariah Rivera
    The only thing I dislike is that the energy runs out fast, other than that it's great
  13. Chewy Delight
    I really like it, but honestly energy needs to be fixed or make each chapter $1. It's but frastrating that after 30 taps on the screen you can't proceed until next day. Meh...
  14. Energy very limited
    Crystal Engberg
    The description was great but the energy doesn't last very long. At least with most games you get 5 chapters free a day.
  15. I actually like this game, but..
    Nathaly B
    The energy it just.. nope. When you get into the story, you need to wait till tomorrow. Please, fix it or at least make it a little bit longer! :-)
  16. No energy
    Stephanie Younes
    It seems like a good game but I don't like how the energy runs out so quickly. I can't enjoy it if I'm only playing a couple lines at a time. Not even half way through the 1st chapter and I've already gotta wait until tomorrow. Please fix this and I'll rate it to 5 stars
  17. Pretty good for a virtual dating game
    randi mccoy
    Works well even with a slow connection like I have. Other games like this hardly work on a slow connection. For me at least. Pretty smooth until you run outta energy
  18. Grammar
    Jamie Werner
    This is the best interactive single story I've seen yet. However, the grammar and spelling can use MANY touch-ups.
  19. PLEASE FIX!!!
    Morgan Laughren
    I love these kinds of games and this one seems very interesting so I was wondering if you could fix these problems for us. The game keeps on having glitches on me, and a blue box appears on the right side. I was also reading the comments and almost everyone says the energy levels go down to fast. I think you could fix these games for us, don't you!? :) So I hope you read, and fix the problems.
  20. Energy
    Briana Legan
    I wouldn't mind if the energy went back up every 4 hours or so or if it can at least wait until the end of the chapter. The story seems so interesting, but you can't get lost in it if it keeps stopping you to get more energy. Even the mini game sucks. So hard to win that 100 more energy. The energy really kills it for me.


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