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  1. LOVE IT!
    Genetix Gaming
    as the title states:I Love This App.No problem with the app.....Well maybe 1 problem.It's short if you're a player who continually plays the game.Other than that there's nothing wrong with the app
  2. Best game
    Grayson Woodham
    I played this on my iPhone and bought it as soon as I got a HTC one. Worth the money 100%, this game had/ has me hooked and I can't stop playing it. Could be a bit more in depth though! 8/10
  3. Lags a lot
    Zain Jamil
    The game slows down a lot I tried changing quality to performance yet the game goes very slow fps wise just randomly on my older smartphone (galaxy s3) it worked much better but for my new one plus one it goes horrendously slow. I've seen others complaining about the same thing. Until this is fixed would not recommend buying this game.
  4. Pretty good
    Anon Yma
    Decent for the money. It's basically game dev tycoon. Little replay value, it gets very repetitive and boring. It's very forgiving so you'll end up sitting on a pile of money that's basically useless. You can make a Game Company Simulation inside this Game Company Simulation which I find kind of funny. 8/10, would recommend
  5. I love this game but...
    Jacob Zeunik
    It seems with the newer phones (my Samsung Galaxy Note 4) the frame rate seems to be alittle sketchy and slow. It's better with this newest update but still not quite there in terms of being able to play without being really annoyed. Which sucks because this is a fun game with lots of replay value for me.
  6. Great game
    Andrew Turenne
    This game is amazing, but why do the blackouts happen when I'm about to make an awesome game
  7. Lag issue
    Kieran Mason
    There appears to be a lot of lag on my G3, which is strange as my old Galaxy Note ran it perfectly. Still a great game nonetheless.
  8. Great price tons of fun
    Scott Rhodes
    I only got this today and already I'm 100% addicted. Thank you for such a wonderful game.
  9. Potato Chip
    David Nichols
    (If you get the reference) This game is a wonderful breath of fresh air. No paywall or ads of any kind! Witty easter eggs, solid progression and combinations to keep things interesting. Well worth the buy!
  10. Não sai do meu celular
    Guilherme Pires de Moraes
    Já fazem mais de 6 meses que tenho esse jogo e não consigo tirar ele do meu celular. Posso parar de jogar por um tempo, mas sempre volto. Bom demais!
  11. My favorite mobile game.
    Joe Conns
    I have had this game since 2011, and still play it more than any other game in my device. If you like management or tycoon type games, this one is a home run.
  12. Soo Cool - I love it
    Jack Williams
    I got hooked soo easily and that isn't normally what happends.... So much so, ive got 6 hard engineers and two hackers with $700.00K plus the best console you can make
  13. Lack of optimisation
    Great game! But the title says it all, this game is not meant to be played on the current OS. Lags on my G4. If anyone knows a fix, please let me know.
  14. Used to love it
    stanley langford-smith
    I loved this game, had it for ages. Then all of a sudden the authentication doesn't work and I followed all the steps, even called Google and its a problem with the app
  15. Best game I've ever bought
    graham Habi
    1 small bug I've won the gamedex award a few times but haven't received the 1 million cash so lost a bit of money would love to see extra stuff added
  16. Needs More
    Nick Barn
    I'd like to be able to run a bigger studio and more employees. And maybe more competition for games. Also hype and fame doesn't work that well..
  17. Very Fun
    Anthony Richardson
    This is one of the best apps I've played in awhile and a great time passer. I just wish there was more content for it to extend how long each game last.
  18. Addictive & Battery Efficient
    Victoria Sidoti
    I'm amazed at how this game doesn't heat up my phone even though I played it ALL day today. It uses less battery than a YouTube video. How? Magic. It's so addictive and rewarding, and goes at a perfect pace for my attention span. Also, NO ADS and never requests money from you!
  19. Rigged
    Ilya Stone
    Whenever I make a good game with at least one section over 50 something bad happens like a blackout. And this isn't a coincidence because it has never happened to me with bad games that I create. Please fix this, now I can never have a good selling game.
  20. Game is just s-l-o-w...
    Francis Luke Julitan
    Not sure if this has been optimized for Lollipop or a QHD screen or both. Please fix...