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  1. More fun for the money than I'm used to!
    Morgan Stone
    Great game, fun puzzles, lots of eye candy. A quick play. Perfect diversion with lots of instant gratification and 'ah ha!' moments: while waiting for a flight, procrastinating, looking busy... leaving this world for a little treasure hunt! And hey, it's only buck. Great value for what I got from "The Hunt for the Lost Ship."
  2. Too short
    Tina M
    I loved blackthorn castle and this was just as good except it was really short I was actually shocked when it was over if you like these games I would get blackthorn first
  3. Very small
    Mike Wilson
    Play Store "Refund" option still active when I'd completed the game. Lucky for them, I'm honest.
  4. Loved it!
    It's like "The Room," only I think I like this version a little more. The interface seems easier to use and you get to move around more. It is, however, slightly easier, so the payoff isn't quite as good when you finish. Still, it's a fun time.
  5. Good game
    Pam Martin
    Needs better hints when you get stuck. But all together good game!
  6. Mez Henderson
    Disappointingly easy & short. Finished in less than an hour. Puzzles are rather to easy. Sorry guys. Please try harder!
  7. Very good
    Bo Brown
    I'd actually give it 3.5, no way as good as Blackthorn Castle but still, worth the money (99¢). Good way to pass a few hours, I look forward to more episodes in the adventure.
  8. There are not enough games like this
    Tammy C
    I can't wait for the next game.
  9. Daryl Sly
    Wow.. i blnked and it was over.... over too quick for a pay game
  10. Short but sweet
    Evie Thomas
    Great way to while away the time while waiting for an appointment. Guide helps if you get stuck.
  11. Short but Sweet
    Sally Marshtown
    Nicely done and satisfying but sadly over all too quick
  12. Interesting Puzzles
    Henry chin
    A bit short for $.99 but a good casual time waster.
  13. Joe Hawkins
    I like this kind of format, Lone Wolf rocks. Keep them coming.
  14. Great graphics
    Anne Freeman
    Well designed puzzles but the hint system gave too much away - try to avoid it if possible.
  15. Disappointed! !!
    Renee Hovland
    What happened to the 70 scenes and "dozens of puzzles? What a BIG letdown! !!!!!
  16. gwen henry
    I'm getting frustrated I can't find the "hint button" so I've been looking for clues to unlock various trunks or to right items to work the water pump.
  17. Brilliant game
    Barry smith
    Second game I've played by this dev and I've not been disappointed. The games are well thought out and exercise your brain. If you get stuck, there are hints, but they are not spoilers, also the map is great so that you know where to go. Well worth the cost of the game game for great entertainment. Graphics are good with attention to detail. Big thank you to the dev.
  18. Really good but too short.
    Diem Von-Sylvan
    One of the best games I've played of this type. I really enjoyed it but after completing in less than an hour, I felt it was missing something. Also the ending was extremely anticlimactic. Still, a lot of games of this type are padded out with poor content but this had none of that rubbish. Their other game is good too, better in fact and longer. I hope they make more like that.
  19. Very enjoyable.
    BarrioY Cache
    My daughter and I took turns. It was fun to see who got through certain puzzles the fastest. Too short. I thought the map was going to lead me to another part of the island with even more crazy puzzles. I actually thought i would get the boat treasure somewhere. All in all. Great fun!
  20. Recent, (3/15) updates - great improvement
    Kevin Hibbert
    As stated the recent improvements are great! The map features are aligning and displaying properly, the now added hint systemand exit button make it as good as Blackthorn Castle. Great job updating.


What`s new

Game updated with major expansion. Double the gameplay, puzzles, and map scenes!