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David Papazian | CEO at Mobigame

Région de Paris, France |

Michal Bodek | Project Manager / Mobile Developer / Owner w MobiGame

Tarnobrzeg, woj. podkarpackie, Polska |

Vincent LE GUILLOU | Lead Artist chez Mobigame

Région de Paris, France |

Michal Bodek | Projekt Manager and Mobile Developer and Owner

Reviews 70,829

  1. This game is absolutely beyond words....
    Whenever i play this game, i feel that i have been transported to a different dimension altogether. Quite an intruiging and a brain-racking game. Awesome visual and sound effects. Best game EVER!!
  2. I love this, I also addicted in this game!
    Nechael Rebano
    Its so amazing! I play this if I'm bored, I tell also my friends to download this app, my friends did it also it love this, after school hehe! Its like a puzzle.. ! Love this much Good bless to the creator of this edge so much.
  3. Stop skitting
    Wonderful game, New and improved engine , good work guys , people who are complaining about there posh new phones not being able to run an app , that's the price you pay with new hardware
  4. Perfect mobile platformer
    Alex Watts
    Edge is a great game for mobile and 3ds. I love this game because of how unique it is, how its played, and other reasons as well. I even like that you can rotate the screen! I use it to play at a 270° angle because that's how I play platformers :-D I should get some more money on my account to get the full version :-P
  5. Not bad
    abdel samih
    Not bad game I own it on steam (pc) the game runs smooth but seems to have speed issues were it will goes slow and fast this may be due to the moving slides But apart from that it's a grate game and I may be buying it for android keep up the good work.
  6. I Liked it Super Awesome
    Kurt Anfernee Barlizo
    Its the best i loved it coz smooth graphics and good controls and its challenging goodwork guys
  7. Variable speed hampers fun
    Alex x
    Slightly annoying game controls. A lot of the issue is the change in speed caused by to gem pickups - you can't really get used to the timing since it changes all the time. While this control scheme of having to hold a set time to tip over has its perks, moving one step per tap would have been more reliable and allowed for more fast-paced gameplay with less errors during simple moves. (See Zapper, an old console/pc game)
    Yamaha Yomoho
    and I wish I have the full version.. I dont have money to buy the full versions cuz my parents wont let me buy games .. I wish I have it.... thanks developer.. and also I have phone that just broke you know it have the edge game and you know cant play cause its broken.... thanks developer .. :))
  9. Awesome
    Bhavi Patidar
    Really its such an amazing game to play with the new version. It works perfectly fine and keeps you interested for quite some time. Ifyou dont have this app, u better get it before I get u!
  10. LOVE IT! :)
    Tasin Zahir
    Awesome! So fun and addicting! :D Made nicely and there are nice 3D graphics! So cool! xD I love it! Awesome! Too bad... I can't get the full version... Thanks! :D
  11. What???
    Mary Halsley Dela Cruz
    When I downloaded it(so excited)but when tried to play(stopped unexpectedly). That's not suppose to happen!!!
  12. Love it!!!
    Ned Ivanova
    Get it! You won't regret it!! The only truly friendly game that I have found. You can die infinite number of times, but you won't loose anything. Music is cool. Graphics are awesome. Levels are super clever and funny. You can see that the programmers were having fun making this game!!!
  13. Cool concept
    aditya gawand
    Very nice concept, easy to play, and fun.
  14. Love this game since 3 years
    Ankit Ahuja
    I used to play it on java in my samsung corby 2, it refreshes my old memories < 3
  15. Oh man this is awesome.
    Vector Lightning
    ... Dang it now I'm hooked and have to buy it. I completely fell in love with the artstyle, works well!
  16. Was okay
    Caleb Johnson
    It was a fun game until I got to level 5 and couldn't figure out how to jump.
  17. Good and bad
    Sehaj Kalra
    The game is good a five star game but its controls are not dat gud. They doesn't go according to like I want. A little difficulty is caused
  18. NICE.
    khushmeet kaur
    I completed all the levels in my samsung mobile.. luv this game...
  19. nice ga.. ga..
    David uchiha
    game. I want to know how did that YouTube player play. =-O
  20. Samsung galaxy s5
    Pratham Aggarwal
    Excellent game wont to give it five stars but the demo is to short and full version is paid please solf this problem guys because I love this game very much


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