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  1. Love this game but...
    Holly W
    This game is great and I play it all the time, but for some reason not all the upgrades are available for me to purchase... and I have full stars on my restaurant and beaten the entire game! It sucks not being able to have a daily special for some unknown reason.
  2. Perfect port!
    Tia Bright
    I adore CSD on PC, and I was a little apprehensive that the mobile version would be a cut down version. However, as far as I can tell, it's the same great game, only with very well-implemented touch controls! The game runs perfectly and all the great music, art and sound effects are there. More companies need to take note of this and put more effort into their ports when possible.
  3. The best game for mobile
    Hours of frantic fun with a great learning curve and zero nonsense. Must buy!
  4. Amazing!
    Aaron Voegele
    Wonderful game! Worth the price! Really good time management game.
  5. Top notch restaurant fun
    Allan Viray
    This game is amazing, and one of the best PC to phone ports in the history of PC to phone ports. Being a player of this game on the PC, the game hasn't degraded not one bit. Controls don't hurt your hands and the graphics are great. All aspects of the PC version are integrated here. Most definitely worth money. Although, there are some issues with some foods that I find to be annoying such as soup. 10/10
  6. Easily one of the best pc to mobile ports.
    Kennedy Renn
    Playing this on a Note 3. When I learned there was a cook server delicious android port I was skeptical for sure. But this was thought out. Well made, well planned controls really make this a stand out port for quality. Art and graphics are 100% retained and not down graded at all. Finally a phone game that puts modern phone power to use! Four stars however because I feel like some of the controls should be a bit more lenient. Hit circles for the beer or next page button on ingredients feels small.
  7. This game is delicious
    Sally Giam
    This is like Cooking Mama x Cooking Dash with less cartoons. And more realistic grumpy customers. For anyone that has played lots of time mgmt games and is starting to find them easy, try this game! It's tricky and fun and has all the pressure of a real restaurant. Love it!
  8. Cook serve delicious
    Awesome ! Just as amazing as the PC version. Lots of fun and quite challenging ! The developer has done a most excellent job on both versions ! Decent graphics, sound, and game control. It is quite intense ! One of the best time management games ever ! Hope to see more games from this developer !
  9. Fun and stylish
    William Ko
    No IAP, and full of humorous style, CSD is a modern arcade classic.
  10. Prime rib
    Mike Agresta
    Great mobile version of an already amazing game, touch controls are intuitive and the game is perfect for short play sessions.
  11. Game rules
    Owned this on Steam, it was pretty sweet on there. Playing on my big ol' phone, it's even better! CSD 4 lyfe.
  12. Love this game
    Cameron Lee
    I love it but it took a couple weeks to download cause it kept crashing due to an error on google play but anyway its a good game.
  13. So far so good
    Alan Valdez
    I like what I've seen so far. Will update later once I've had some more hands on.
  14. Too fast
    Darrin Rich
    I guess I'm getting old. Too fast paced to be enjoyable
  15. Best mobile game I've played yet
    Mike K
    Fantastic mobile game. Sad part is that I beat it fully, and there's nothing left in the game for me to do. :(
  16. Great game
    Brian Nilsen
    One of the best time management style games I've played. Only complaint is that it's brutal on the battery.
  17. This game is Fantastic!
    eatdispie ™
    I have seriously purchased this game on the app store and steam. I have paid for this game twice and I don't regret it for a second.
  18. Transfer Progress
    Nicole Smith
    Love the game. Would have been 5 stars if I didn't lose all my progress when I got a new phone. Sucks!!!!
  19. Not praised enough
    Valtteri Harakka
    I loved this game on my computer, but it's just so much better on a phone. Mechanics are perfect and you can spend entire days playing this game. I don't know what's wrong with you if you haven't already bought this game.
  20. Cook, Play, Fun times!!
    Zachariah Patterson
    This game puts the wowsers in my trousers. My wife beat the game, and she doesn't even like video games. This comes with highest recommendations!


What`s new

-Rewrote a large amount of code to prevent the glitch of certain foods being given (or in some cases, taken away) from the player when practicing or trying out foods.
-Fixed a glitch that would sometimes cause extra events to restart even after successfully completing them.
-Remastered many audio components and updated to the latest Android SDK.
Thanks everyone, enjoy the game!
-Fixed a bug that did not allow the Enchilada to be upgraded to three stars.



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