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  1. Socring Interface Weird
    John Nichols
    I like this version a lot, but I'm a lottle confused as to the scoring. When my side wins the hand and makes our contract, we get points. But when the other side wins their contract, my side loses point. That makes very little sense to me. I'd recommend a different scoring interface.
  2. Rabindranath Chakraborty
    North robot sometimes makes some irritating calls. Pl fix.
  3. Satya Narayanan
    I've been playing this for a couple of years. The robot COULD be even better, but it's pretty ok
  4. best bridge app ever
    Allem Kei
    but sometimes i get same board's repeat 2-3 times when i play solo tournament...
  5. Fun and educational
    Paul K in Colorado
    I've used it for years and while some odd the bus don't make sense I learn a lot by playing the same hand from multiple positions.
  6. Poor Precision bidding
    Frans Kevin
    Some biddings are unusable, such as the weird response for 2D-P-2NT- and Namyats response. I also happen to notice that the three previous update do not correct Precision bidding. Please do. This is the only free bridge app which has Precision option.
  7. good robot
    Surajit Bhakta
    the game is good, robot follows the bidding system with some exceptions, sometimes it misinterpret the bid, otherwise good. But the major fault is in duplicate scoring system, it messes with the score everytime almost 5-6 board within a 16 board table.
  8. Its very good
    Pratik Ghosh
    I just love this... My best time pass its sweet and simple...
  9. We we Web bridge
    Ted Schroeder
    One of the best free bridge apps/pros that I have used
  10. Where did the color go??
    eliot dobin
    All of a sudden the colors of the suits are gone! Any ideas?? Not the cards... just the bidding buttons and the bids themselves...
  11. Vinay Patel
    V easy to use vs other such apps.
  12. App is Allright
    Dean Carter
    Inly play the solo games against the AI for practice.
  13. Dopest free bridge game in playstore.
    Aldimeola Dewakinnara
    I dont care about the graphic, i believe they can make it better, but when in comes to bridge it is all about the AI. You might experience some bad moves from the AI while bidding, but do you know how complex is it to make the AI for a bridge game? I was surprised that i can't find the about section which contains names of the developer team, you guys are real bad ass, why you are so shy about it? Btw where do you get the money if it is totally free and has no ad, how do we appreciate your work?
  14. Krishna Das
    Nice but robot bidding is not great
  15. Need better screen interface
    surendra sawant
    Really good and one of the best bridge game. Will get 5 stars if interface improved. Ofcourse performance of robot need to improve. There should be no need of double tapping to play card, instead introduce undo button.
  16. Best, most reliable bridge game I've found
    Ryan Brown
    And it never crashes! I would pay for this game
  17. Great bridge app
    Kevin Broh-Kahn
    Nearly perfect, only a few flaws: robot is sometimes confused, UI is poor, and I don't own the rights to this app
  18. Susobhan Mondal
    Good. Should finish automatically when all is done and dusted.
  19. Karina Laron
    A new update should be issued. Undo should work to the end. Bid analysis should work to the end of bidding. How about hint.
  20. Desmond N
    Are you ever the dummy in offline mode?


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A hot fix on possibly crash routine.
Semi-annual update. For details, refer to the release notes in the application.

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