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  1. Love it.
    Boo Nasty
    I think it's great. I am at level 58, and my only issue is I wish there was a story mode. I don't really understand what the boss levels point is, but it's still super addictive and fun.
  2. Fun but...
    Cassi Bradburn
    This was a great game! But it only keys you go to level 7. You can keep playing for a bit and gather all the stars, but unless you're willing to pay for an app, no need to download it, love it and turn around and uninstall because you're done...
  3. Truely awesome visuals
    Eamon Fitzgerald
    Game play Ok so far, we'll see how it goes. Doesn't work too well on my tab 10.1
  4. Good game
    Lynne Simpkins
    Although not for me, this game is gorgeous and has a wonderful soundtrack. If you enjoy arcade-style games, this is a wonderful way to pass some time.
  5. Great app, disappointing charge
    Ben Schwabe
    I haven't had ads, which is cool,but something that surprises me and I was kind of sad about was the fact that I could only play to level 7 before I had to buy the rest. I'd much rather prefer an ad in the options menu to having to pay to continue. Such a fun game though! Graphics are great. Controls are smooth and intuitive. Sound is great. 5 stars if I were able to play more...
  6. Demo ends way to soon
    Jordan Pruitt
    Great game but you barely have time to get the hang of it before the demo ends and you are forced to buy the full version or get stuck playing the same level until do or you just uninstall. Such a cheap way for the developers to make more money. smh
  7. Great game! Works well with Note 2!
    Dee Cee
    This thing is gorgeous on my Galaxy Note 2. And it works awesomely with the S-Pen! Omgosh! A developer that actually designs devise specific games?!? It's gonna snow! Graphically beautiful, great soundtrack, fluid play...sniff. I love this game! What a wonderful Birthday surprise! A game actually built for the Note 2! Wow, devs! My new favorite game! (Like Spirit HD but more color!) Would like to see an update on game play. I'm on level 76 and it's still the same old same old.
  8. My favorite game!
    Carina Masco
    I finally bought the full version of this game. I love it so much! The graphics and music are so unique and relaxing. The game isn't boring at all and provides a good challenge; it's quite difficult to collect each bulbie on every level. Plus, the characters are adorable. 5 stars c:
  9. Jazmin Gutierrez
    Its lovely, but when I turn of the music in the options, it just continues to play music and I'm unable to turn it down.
    Lucia Carpenter
    Sorry to give a bad review but I felt I had to as this is the very 1st game where I quit the tutorial due to complete boredom. Im gaming for years on android yet normally I finish tutorials before passing judgement but I just cudnt tolerate playin it any further. The gameplay mechanics are fiddly & it needs a nicer U.I. Sadly this was un-installed in a record time of after only 5 mins gameplay. If your looking for a game play mindlessly without using any brain power then this is the game for u
  11. Would be fun if I could get past level 1.
    Carol P
    This game works well on my Galaxy S3 but on my S4 after 57 buddues and several killed enemies with 1 or 2 stars collected the game freezes up and stops working. Would be nice to get all stars and actually leave the first level for change. And why is the game usong horizontal format when I am holding my phone vertically?
  12. Cute but...
    Alia Reese
    It's adorable, I'll give it that. But it freezes. Please fix. :-(
  13. richard fowler
    Pretty as it is does this game have a point. Because my brain has turned to jelly already.
  14. Forced shutdown
    Nicholas Geraci
    Great game, but recently it suffers a forced shutdown always after 2 minutes of continuous play (Droid Razr Max). Please fix.
  15. Very pretty and cool concept
    Beautiful graphics and refreshing concept. Very enjoyable game!
    Kimura Ryosuke
    Hey what gives? After PURCHASE and a few rounds of playing, it CONSTANTLY CRASH!!! Put an update and fix this ASAP!!
  17. i love this game but
    jei de guzman
    it only allows you to play until lvl. 7. And there should be a story mode. And yeah, that's the only issue for me.
  18. Amazing!!!
    Starsky Adel
    I love love love love this!! I glad my dad let me buy the premium version!! I love it..!! But I can't play advanced mode.. Its force stop. ? I don't know but I love the Lightopus..! And the songs on this game.. I love every things on this game!! ♥ Galaxy Note 10.1
  19. Laggy S3
    Katie Thompson
    This was my favorite game but it is now unplayable due to lagging and freezing at level 28.
  20. Pay to play
    Alan Morihiro Jr
    Have to buy the game to get past level 7. Not cool. Could be a 5 star game otherwise.


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Version 1.6.0
- All new unlockable levels!
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- Improved performance & Compatibility
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