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chess online
шахматы онлайн


Reviews 56,490

  1. Much Improved! A great Free App.
    Scoopy Rat
    Big Improvements. Usable now! Still no pgn save option or share to another app so I can analyse finished game with an engine. Not even an option to analyse my finished games within the app. Also needs sound option during playback of games. All these features on website version so please add for tablet.
  2. Love it!
    Brian Sedore
    Only thing I think it's missing is the training. I didn't see it in the app. Either way, very crisp and sleek app that I haven't had any issues with. Well done!
  3. Great game!
    Carlos Garcia
    Loved the app, makes playing so enjoyable. Great design, good players and pgn exporting.
  4. Best chess but..
    Mohamed Rezzag
    Please add 'inbox' in app. Not only best chess app but also the best chess website on pc. with in-game chat, clean minimalistic community and profiles, friendslist and spectating and games history and games-analyzing and training and tournaments and offline play and many more features like ability to resume game from both pc and mobile and ability to play many games at the same time and comfortably, definately underrated and deserves more downloads and more users. IT ALSO HAS THEMES!
  5. dave kimber
    1 of the best online chess games available on Google Play and free...u can't go wrong with this.
  6. just only the training
    roziq khalfih
    yeah that its! make it happen..:) its missing :(
  7. Best chess app
    William Tan
    Can't wait for training to be implemented!
  8. Good app. Need more improvement...
    salaam sallu
    My android having a prob to rotate so i cant see the clock in normal mode even cant see the name of opponent and there rating, and how can i play tournaments..other wise this application is superub...nice efforts
  9. Good app
    Preeti Verma
    It is one of the best app for online chess as well as other purposes.
  10. The best chess app on android
    Sharath Kumar M.S.
    It would be great if I could analyze games on the app , no provision for that on the present version
  11. Pretty ok
    Nate Reeves
    Still can't compete in tournaments or analyze games very well, but it is good at what it does do.
  12. Brilliant app
    Dmitriy Timurshin
    Best chess app ever! 100% free, perfect for all levels
  13. Great app, but where are the tactics?
    GoVegan Already
    Love the app and all the different modes, but the tactics aren't there.
  14. simply #AWESOME ^_^
    Shashank Singh
    Just one last request...Please add a feature of multiple tabs...
  15. Srinidhi Ramamurthy
    Best chess app out there. Adfree and amazing.
  16. Sayyed Hussein Shariflou
    Good update.. just add computer analyse, and play section like web version. I'm tired of waiting for an opponent. :) I love lichess!
  17. Almost perfect, I can't believe that the number of likes are so low
    Subham Satyajeet
    This app seems severely under-represented. I don't know if its because all the AI bots are not graded and named after Breaking Bad characters, or because names are converted to UPPERCASE (Frankly, the ONLY two problems I found with the app). But it would be nice to have some better options in the Pieces icons. Hell, I can't complain - this app is almost perfect!
  18. Basic, but functional
    The app is a very slimmed down version of the website. Works pretty well, but lacks a lot of bells and whistles. I hope they add a tactics trainer in the future.
  19. Lichess is Awesome!
    Chikara Padilla
    I discovered Lichess on the Internet. I loved it. Quality display, quality players, just quality. I was roaming around the Play Store when I came across this app and I got really excited. A great chess website going mobile (the best ebsite in my opinion) makes me even more inclined to keep using it. Keep making Lichess better!!
  20. Ivan Peshev
    It would be great if I don't have to drag the piece in order to move. There should be an option just to tap the new location.


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