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nuclear games
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nuke simulator games
ядерная бомба
ядерная война
لعبه قنبله


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  1. I love the smell of 1's & 0's in the morning
    Jason O'Dwyer
    This is THE best and most addictive game ever. I've also destroyed my friends lives with it muahahaha
  2. Aosome
    Varun Deshwal
    A perfect game simple download n play but plsss.... make it easy so difficult on level above 15
  3. Brett Black
    Very addicting game. Except I wish you could start off with more lives. Other than that great game to kill time.
  4. Good game
    Kevin Bose
    Game is awesome and time killing.But you could improve menu ui.
  5. Fun
    Patrick Stepler
    Easy and fun. I use it when I need to kill time. Time goes by quickly
  6. Oh. My. Gawd.
    Adam Baitup
    I love this game so much, its unreal. It's superbly simple, very well done, takes up next to no space, is short enough to whip out when bored, AND is suitable for tablets and phones! Only thing to make it better would be 'cheevos! Add achievements, and I will marry you. Seriously.
  7. Simple game great fun love it
    Love this game whether I'm waiting in the doctor's office for my appointment or waiting for class to start great way to kill time love the game
  8. Impossible to play at level 100
    Hitesh Shinde
    The game is awesome but please decrease the difficulty level its ok to play till level 15 but aftwr that its very hard to play , the range of the tanks increasing up to sky can't playable that time i hope you fix it soon.
  9. Simply great...
    Joe Cherry
    Great way to kill time. Love the fact you can customize button placement as well.
  10. Love it!
    Jack Thompson
    The app is small in size and the game is fast and very enjoyable aswell as simple UI and basic mechanics. Brilliant!
  11. His Boo
    Please dont buy the full version its not worth it I own the full version and w hen you buy the full version it still gives gou the option of playing the standard version why??? Dee e the frww (standard version) is so much better please I promise your not missing anything by not purchasing the full version .
  12. I love it
    Robert Thompson
    1.if u find USAROCKS its me 2. This should be the full game y do we have to pay
  13. Than Toe Aung
    Than Toe Aung
    This game is very fine to play and I like it because it isn't take many money.
  14. Dimas Rahadian
    After trying the goodness of the free version, i cannot hold the urge for paying the full version with all its offerings.
  15. Wow
    shane koszczewski
    This game suprised is addicting to and easy to learn ib like 5 minutes with out the need for a tutorial.i definetly recomend
  16. Doesn't work on LG G4
    Barney Moore
    I used to love this game, but it won't even load on my LG G4 on 5.1
  17. Awesome game!
    Jason D
    No matter what other games I download and eventually delete, this one will always remain! Never gets boring, but does get frustrating lol.
  18. Great
    Danny Rice
    Don't understand why some are hating on the full version. Don't have it myself but it means no adds and a simplistic design. Wish I could make a video on it to show people what it is really like.
  19. One big problem
    abhinav sharma
    I am very fond of this game and has been playing it everyday nowadays. But the main dislike about this game is the equipped accessories like atom bomb etc are lost when we die and get other chance. We spend too much time collecting those risking our drone. Please sort that and I will not only give 5 stars but also suggest to more.
  20. Not bad
    Dominic John Vallee
    Its good but not worth buying full version because its so simple.


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-Resolved crashes on LG G4