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  1. Great Easy to play Game
    Stuart Baynham
    On Samsung S3 no problems easy to play on all 3 levels. Would like to see upgrades to all weapons to destroy the concrete buildings and different backgrounds. Have not found in app purchases?
  2. One location same as the first.
    David Rogers
    Edited - thanks for updating - improved. Keep it coming. Have bad guys shoot more at us! I bought the European level hoping for different challenges, but the free vs. Paid offer little difference. Perhaps there will be more, but potential gets maxed out pretty fast. I think there is a fun game to be made here. Loads of opportunity. Game operates well on Samsung.
  3. Bombs Away! - Great Fun 5/5
    Austin Hull
    Like a 3D version of atomic bomber, really interesting on rails like shooter but with physics and world destruction. Blow holes in the buildings and ground! Tons of fun, will continue to play.
  4. Accuracy
    Victor White
    Love the AC-130, but the Apache's machine gun accuracy is horrible. Hate that I spent money to get it. Send most of one game trying to kill one guy. Even if you keep the cross-hairs on them they take forever to die. Vehicles and tanks only take a second or two which I think is backwards. Great game just improve the accuracy of the machine gun. Aiming higher doesn't help much either.
  5. Glitchy, ugly, boring
    Joshua Smith
    First of all, the amout of graphical glitches I came across suggests this is waste of time. Secondly, its ugly. Considering people have made better looking games with more features, this is disappointing. Thirdly, it'd be more fun to slit my wrists...
  6. Thank you Luke Allen
    Ethan Crawford
    Been a big fan of atomic bomber for a LONG time so thank you for using your talents to make another game - ps. I think the pricing system is great where it's free with in app purchases you don't NEED but are cool, cheers!
  7. Pretty Nice
    Cory Luh
    By the way I'm a big fan of atomic bomber. I like how its challenging to hit the enemies, I do think you should work on the GUI it looks pretty bad. Also the story is very quick. But besides that good work!
  8. Awful
    Aaron Aley
    Hello is terrible to use can. Not see when using finger to shoot. Sucks. Do not waste your money or time. A complete waste of time. Tried to reach out to company and was completely ignored.
  9. A good early effort
    Jay Anderson
    Got a lot of work to do, why not go full COD and be a pinned gunner aside a chopper? are you really trying to charge for it?
  10. Its ok, quite repetitive. Atomic Bomber its not
    David Arnold
    Its fun for a while. you quickly get bored though. I'll keep it on my phone til i need the room for a different game. Nothing special.
  11. Very fun!
    Kagan B
    Fun game. Only needs one thing, infinite mode. Unlimited destruction. Make it so you can set its difficulty too, with that, 5 stars.
  12. Developer please listen!
    Hernan Carlos
    Can u make a button that allows me to calibrate the tilt up and down. For example I can't play laying down because it automatically tilts so high I can only see the sky. Thanks
  13. As good As Atomic Bomber
    But it's really inconvenient that concrete structures cannot be destroyed... Plus,after one week of playing, there's no challenge at all... Hope Allen can add more challenges!
  14. Battery life
    Patrick Kelsey
    I enjoy the game, but it uses an ungodly amount of power. Can go through 50% in 20 minutes.
  15. Tom Moye
    The graphics need to be better because every time I play this the textures start flashing and it hurts my eyes
  16. Tablet function
    Kevin Bo Brown
    Works great on my S5 but screen jumps on tablet. Could you please work on that issue.
  17. Good, could be a little better
    Matt Kawamura
    I agree with another rater that gravity affects the trajectory too much. 40mm shells and 105mm shells shouldn't be falling as short as they seem to be from the (apparently) low altitude the gunship is operating at. Fix this and 5 stars for sure.
  18. Love playing it, but want more!
    Dave Green
    This is a great time waster of a game, but even though I bought the European Campaign, there are really only 4 types of levels, so soon gets samey and can complete even on hard easily. More levels and weapons please and will give 5 stars!
  19. Fun for 5
    maqui 4240
    Lame graphics and game play..2nd grade you can only play for ten minutes before u hav to pay $3 to go any further. Or u can restart and replay the last ten minutes of game again. Its a good concept, now develop it at least a little before you start asking for $. Uninstall after 20 min play.
  20. Awesome game
    Sg Gs
    Amazing game. Just addictive and tons fun. Thanks guys!!


What`s new

-Added a second campaign to the Europe Pack
-Added a new mission type, Ally Defense
-Option to increase difficulty level, for more skilled players