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  1. Very high potential
    Eddie Tupy
    My phone ( galaxys3) cant play full speed without frameskipping but it can play at 1 or 2 for most 2d games and is playable. The emu is good its just that phone arent good enough yet
  2. Very nice!
    Ron Dador
    I've used the free version for a bit, and finally got the paid version to show my support... and get rid of the adds. I know longer have a PSP,Go, and Vita, so thank you for letting me play my old library again! I was surprised that it even works well on my aging Galaxy S3 mini. Although I haven't tried anything yet aside from sprite based JRPGs. One problem, it initially started in landscape, but when I changed it to portrait mode, it seems the menu command to change it back had disappeared. This needs to be fixed. Also, I would love if the gameplay screen where located at the top of portrait mode and so move the controls to the bottom. That would be very much appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  3. I'm playing smackdown vs raw 2006
    Brandon Schemmel
    The game works great for me. My only issue is when I beat season mode and beat the final match at wrestlemania afterwards it'll come to a screen telling me what I unlocked then I'll press X to move on and then my emulator crashes. I even use save states and it still crashes. Is there anyway you or I can fix this? I'll gladly give this app a 5 star rating if so.
  4. Works flawlessly!
    Jesse Mursch
    Using the Galaxy S6, it ran perfectly, at first i thought therw was an issue with the sound quality, but it was just my bluetooth headphones doesnt work with it properly, but regular headphones it works great! Now i can play the remake of star ocean from the original ps1, and i cant find it anywhere in stores so this makes me very happy! Definitely worth it if u want to relive all those classic games :) That said i bought the gold version app to support these guys!
  5. Nice one but need to update in FULLY HD SCREEN
    Melvin Marx T. Orines
    This emulator is nice but in terms of fully HD screen for sony devices, it doesn't support in fully hd display, it would be more and more wontherful if its supported fully hd display the more fully hd screen would be please us as sony device lover to buy this apps. thanks well done. And hope to see new update for fully hd support.
  6. BUY
    Brion Fallon
    THIS APP HAS CARDBOARD COMPATIBILITY!!!! You do need a very powerful phone to use it, but thats AWESOME! Why arent the other emulators or games doing this? If you could figure out a 3D configuration for cardboard, that would be the bees knees. FYI, this emu will play your psp back ups aptly even on an s3.
  7. Strange issue after update
    Steve Sharpy
    First i wanna say that I love this app, been using it for quite some time and very happy to have paid for its continued development, but since 1.0.1 came out ive had strange framerate issues. Im playing persona 3 and since the update areas that once ran perfectly now run at roughly 80% speed pretty consistantly, with some bad framerate drops when it gets hectic. Ive tried everything i can think of with the settings and I cant really get it to improve at all. Nothing changed on my end. Hope it can be fixed.
  8. Very nice
    Joshua McClelland
    Well since a normal PSP supports 32bit function my 64bit ARM processor does some weird thing but yet very useful wean you are in a car for 39 hours on vacation other than that good job I like the decent graphics and sound I do think you should add a PSNetwork to allow game content installs for certain games good job though if you may wonder what my CPU does it gets so hot...
  9. Amazing
    Marty Williams
    Ive been using the free version for the pc and android for a few months now and its great. Its fast evolving with the deva's working hard to iron out bugs as they get them and it runs 90% of the games I've tested at full speed with graphic enhancements on. i recommend this to all psp-ers who want to re experience their favorite games with a whole new level of detail. You really should know your system specs before complaining that the emulator runs slow or crashes on you this is not ment for slow crappy phones. Runs great on my transformer tablet at 5x graphics resolution. Love this app. Keep the CWCheat patches and fixes comming, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd-Hd FTW.....
  10. William Bluth
    Love it wish they would make one for ps2 Xbox 360 I mean there is a n64 emulator so counsel emulators can work on android if someone would put some time into the programing I would buy it
  11. Great Emu
    GTA Gamer
    I love this app. A lot of games run very well. I have been playing Crisis Core without issue. Mercury Meltdown runs flawlessly. GT and God of War ran but very slowly though I did expect them to be rather difficult to emulate as they push the PSP hardware to its limits. I am using an Xperia Z Ultra so I have plenty of processing power. I'd imagine a phone of lesser ilk would struggle somewhat to achieve what my phone can so bare that in mind before purchasing. I paid straight out for this based on reviews but I recommend you use the free version first to test your phones capabilities. Thank you for this app. It's been a privilege to support yours and the apps further development.
    David Fuentes
    I've been watching this grow for about a year and it's come a long way since I first seen it. It still needs some polishing so I can't give it a 5 yet. But I did purchase to show my support, it's worth it. Support this app if you haven't. It's good and they continue to strive and make it better. They have put the work in. GREAT WORK!
    Syarif Hidayatullah
    With this I could play Gods Eaters Burst with ease and enjoyment, and GEB was quite an advanced game! I worried that it'll crash or something, but it didnt yay! I'm grateful because it was such a heart warming game which brings back memories for me, thank you!! It was worth every penny ^_^
  14. Great app worth it free or paid
    monju rahman
    Works very well on my s4 hardly any problems had some framerate issues but once i turned off power saving mode the app ran smoothly well done
  15. Almost perfect
    James Martin
    I have played the free version of this on nvidia shield tablet for a few weeks now, I am extremely impressed at where this is, just lags on some games like gran turismo during a race, but overall is so very close to being perfect, hopefully this donation helps to get you to that line
  16. T*ctics ogr* supporr
    R Su
    Please enhance support for Fin*l fant*sy tactics and tactic ogr* . And also jean* de ar* graphic glitch problem please fix :)
  17. Blah
    John Doe
    I love this app but recently I have run into an issue where the app cannot identify my Iso. One day they were there, the next day they were gone. I can still find them in my phone just not with the app. Please fix for 5 stars.
  18. Game Crashes
    Mitchell Julius
    Persona 3 Portable, it mainly only crashes when going about the Tarturus tower, when you wonder through the halls it abruptly crashes and say "unfortunately, PPSSPP Gold has stopped." I do expect a firmware update to patch this up soon, or... something else to stop this from ever happening to any game, c'mon and have a coding session already!!
  19. Needs optimization badly
    didier gambarota
    I have modified my s5 so it won't overheat anymore and even with the CPU running at 2.5ghz non stop, the emulator still can't run the beach tutorial of Peace Walker at full speed. Not even a Lego game. As soon as there's too much on the screen, the entire game including the sound slows down. Even on the lowest settings. Unusable as it is. Please, improve on that.
  20. Fantastic, Flexible Emulator
    Andrew Haggerty
    This is the best emulator out there. It has run everything I've thrown at it at 30+ fps. The technical settings enable precise control over the visual performance and appearance as well as great options for input devices like tilt control. The one thing that would be great is a screenshot or capture option.


What`s new

Lots of performance and compatibility fixes! See the website for details.
1.9.4 delivers some additional touch screen and crash fixes and fixes a rare issue with the settings menu being invisible.