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Cisco Rendon | Founder at Infinite Dream Designs

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Michael Samuels | Founder at Infinite Ministries

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Marcus Slabine | Director/Writer/Producer at Infinite Dreams

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Chadwin Minnaar | at

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  1. Great game but
    Bria Bostelle
    The game itself is awesome. Love the graphics and everything like that. But I spent $5 for only 31 emails! And if I want more I have to buy more. And it was already an insane price. Please give more emails and give the extras for the people who but the game. Since I'm done the emails I have no use for it and would actually like my money back unless your print more stuff on there and giving me the packages that should be given when bought.
  2. Disappointed
    Anthony Coffman
    30 email missions is misleading for $5 that number should be higher in my opinion especially for the good money I gave you. definitely will not give you more $ for something that should have come with the original package. good for you and your success but at some point give back to the people. Im Not going to suggest this to anyone till you give away at least a set of colors or something to make it worth while. Thanks for the day waste.
  3. Disappointed
    David Reichert
    The game overall is really fun, and it's a really original idea for a game, so when I bought the full version I was happy to know that I had all of the games' features, until I discovered that there are more packs with extra features in them to purchase separately, with some pricing up to 3 euros, if you are going to make a game 5 euros, then the buyer should at least have instant access to all of the features. It is a 5 star quality game, but until all features are included, I'm keeping this rating at 3.
  4. Samsung note 2
    S1c1l1a Love
    I purchased the fuIl version love it. Never buy any apps cus nothing is really worth my time but I gave this app a 5 start cus I don't remember the last time I actually had this much fun lol anyways for those that are disappointed maybe is something you don't like or you ain't interested in it. Don't rate it low if it's not you type of game.
  5. Great game.
    Michael Diaz
    I can only give 4 stars for 2 reasons: 1) no cloud saving of progress (I've restarted the game 2 times due to phone issues). 2) no alternate way to get add-ons- credits, sales, etc...
  6. I love it
    Chika Muonweokwu
    OMG for a year I couldn't buy it until today, this is relaxing and fun! But more tools would be better and more colors like multi colors 10000000 coins? I like challenge s
  7. Very relaxing app
    Heather Stene
    Great app but a little dissapointed that after you pay $5 for the premium version, you still have to pay more for extra color/patterns. Kinda pricy for such a simple app.
  8. Not Clay But Still Feels Like I'm Creating
    Kevin Cougler
    I enjoy using this tool to come up with Ideas for when i am not in front of my pottery wheel this is a lot of fun too!
  9. Need help
    Lisa Shevlan
    I've tried everything I know of but l can't get past the american exhibition one. If I either find the way or someone tells me I will re rate this app to 5 stars.
  10. Happy fun time!
    Andrew Warren
    Super awesome!! Genius game! Keep working on it! Keep making it better.
  11. still crashing I want a refund
    Sean Tafoya
    Can't even play it crashes instantly..... galaxy s5
  12. So awesome!
    Hope Brown
    Love this game! Very relaxing and fun and the kids like it too but you kniw what would be cool is if we could actually pay to get our pieces made in real life! I mean id pay a couple hundred for the right piece ooooh! And then we could get a commission if someone ordered our ideas! That would be tops!
  13. Great but One thing
    Haley Scherber
    I love this app. It is amazing, mg only problem With the calibration. when I had a smaller Phone that have a pen I had to use my finger Which was fine for the shaping usually but so hard when painting and such. And now my phone has a pen but I Still find it hard to Paint properly because it doesn't Paint where I tell it to but a little higher and if we could fix that I think this app Would be darn near perfect
  14. Disapoitment
    Briee Trotter
    I thought paying $5 for an app would actually unlock all of the features. How about dropping the price if you're not going to include everything, and make us pay even more for extras that should've been included. Waste of money in my opinion.
  15. Perfect with a flaw
    Faith Collins
    I love it but I lot a lot of time into buying all the design on the lite version and they didn't transfer them or all the money I earned on the lite version either it'd be amazing if it transferred the pieces over too
  16. Most definitely worth the 5 bucks!!!!
    Ryan Roth
    This game has 100% totally exceeded my expectations. I was unaware that a virtual pottery wheel would be this fun and exciting. Totally original kind of game. Its a must download!
  17. Fist game I've actually purchased
    Jess Wilson
    Usually in a game or app with a lite version, I feel no need to go any further and purchase the whole version. This game is easy, fun, beautiful, and pretty zen. I love doing this during breaks, during commercials, and when I just need to chill out and lower some of my stress. It's also pretty kid friendly. I'm interested to see what else they come out with.
  18. Disappointed
    Poetry Rivera
    I purchased the game and had lots of colors and e everything mostly. Changed phone and re downloaded the game and it still show purchased but lost everything I bought. Including all the designs colors projects all that work I did. Now it is back to the beginning. I would like my money back
  19. Love love love
    Rebecca Tatum
    First app I liked enough to buy full version of. Very addictive. Creative, easy, different. The lite version is just enough to tease you, but the full version is awesome. Buy the full version, its worth it.
  20. Lets Create Pottery
    Alice Wright
    Excellent app. Wonderfully time consuming and pushes ones creativity.At one point I had approx. 180 pots displayed in the portal. I no longer show my pots as time does not allow me to comment on pots that others have done and who would send me comments about mine. They deserved some time from me too. I still play LCP daily but for my personal enjoyment only.Thanks for such a fine app. The creators have done an excellent job.


What`s new

- Introducing Augumented Reality. See how your pot looks in your room!
- New patterns.
- Minor bugfixes and improvements.
Augumented Reality (AR) works on devices that support ARCore.

If you have any problems with "Let's Create! Pottery", please do contact us at [email protected]
We make games with love. If you like what we do, please do not forget to rate it. Thanks! :)