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дурак игра
дурак на раздевания девушек 18
дурак переводной и подкидной
дурак по блютузу
карты дурак


Reviews 196,285

  1. the brantinsh
    To much bugs in the game. Lost eaven a few rounds becous of that.
  2. how multiplayer is that?
    House Hesenli
    i cant find any option for play my friends on private room. please make something
  3. Attention to detail
    Nathan Kinsey
    It looks like they have every variation that you could want and the graphics are very good. Also don't worry if you don't speak Russian, I don't and the menu is in English.
  4. Есть глюки
    Sergei K
    Не могу подкидывать в опред. моменты - зависает.
  5. LiveItNexusHelp LiveItNexusHelp
    Amazing bought the full version works perfectly and is nostalgic :) :)
  6. Viacheslav Kotiuga
    Приложение супер , вот только монеты быстро заканчиваются, и частенько Светланой из игры и тебе это зачисливается как проигрыш,
  7. Elar Ehasalu
    Sh*tload of bugs. The newer version, the worse it is.
  8. Eric Hawke
    A better explanation of the rules would be very helpful.
  9. More types
    Arslan Navruzov
    I hate that u have to pay for more types of card games,
  10. Good game, but buggy.
    Mike Torosyan
    The standard version works fine, but the Armenian one I purchased crashes every time I have to collect. Please fix.
  11. Eliyahu Ilya Levin
    Mean, cheating, cunning,.. feels real :-) thnx!
  12. Many bugs
    Rolandas B
    And its not free. You need coins to play it
  13. Противник в онлайн режиме жульничает
    Andrew andrey
    В онлайн режиме противник выйгрывает когда игра только началась как так вообще и смысл тогда в чем если в онлайне половина играет нечестно. В общем 1
  14. Love it
    Diana G
    I don't know who can complain about this game. If u liked Durak as a kid you'll love this one too. Ads? I see people complaining about ads. Well pay a buck or two and u won't see ads. I'm playing the free version all day today and none so far. No ads. Great job developers! Awesome game and I love different options! Love it 6 stars if possible
  15. Lots of bugs
    Dia Si
    The product's extremely raw, full of bugs. More over, if u play multi player mode and another player left the game - no reaction from game! U can do nothing + u lose coins and game! Shame on this game that is full of bugs but trying to get money from people!
  16. West
    Banna Rama
    Not bad. It's pretty hard to make durak worse than it is in real life.
  17. Михаил Девятов
    Серьёзно, это невыносимо. Если кто-то из игроков выйдет посреди игры, то с некоторой вероятностью начнётся бесконечное ожидание хода уже не участвующего игрока. И это только одна из самых очевидных проблем, с которой должны были разобраться ещё на этапе планирования приложения на бумажке карандашом. МНОЖЕСТВО различных косяков в сетевой игре. В это невозможно играть. Каждый раз нужно скрещивать пальцы, чтобы ну уж в этот раз было всё нормально. Не знаю, откуда у вас тут лестные отзывы. Вернее, почём.
  18. Bugs...annoying
    Michael Hroshko
    Loosing chips from game crashing when my screen times out, when someone leaves the game...Also, multiplayer with 4 players as soon as the first guy wins the game is over, but 3 other people still have cards let the game go on, let there be a 2ñd and 3rd place prizes...other than that the game is decent
  19. Won't always let you play all your cards.
    C.J. Lightbourn
    Sometimes on the LG G2, the rightmost cards in your hand can't be played. This is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. Being randomly unable to play your trump cards when you need them most breaks the game completely.
  20. Nearly there
    Cameron Lazaroff-Puck
    This is still probably the best Durak app out but there's a new issue in single player where after accepting defeat you can be forced to pick up more cards than you are capable of beating. Would also like option to play passing online but otherwise online is much improved.


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