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island experiment
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  1. Island exploring
    Stefanie Robertson
    Keeps you busy, but is fun! Some of the chest keys are very difficult to find, which is how I think they get you to purchase "diamonds". Not a fan of that part, but I just skip the chests, it's not like you get anything special in them. I'm also trying to open my same game on another device but it always starts a new game on the new device. Still fun to play!
  2. amber bullis
    Much better since update. Game has a very slow start. Houses only produce coins for the specified time, unlike clash of clans, where there is an ongoing coin production. You have to build and upgrade as many houses as you can, and keep logging in to save coins before you are really able to get into the game. Once you do, it is much more fun to play. I have not been able to add friends, so gift giving hasn't helped me. Some items that are behind rocks are not able to be cleared, can't click on them.
  3. ROBIN Griffin
    Needs more people to work . I can't stop play would like to get to other parts of the island I'm addicted to this game if only the tasked didn't take so long to finish and you didn't need so much stuff to upgrade things
  4. Not Working.
    Andrea Balawit
    Kindly fix. It's not even loading. Ugh! Only got 5% then nothing happens.
  5. Dominique Orcutt
    Before the update this game was awesome but now it wont load!!! The white screen just flashes repeatedly.. fix this!!!!
  6. Island experiment
    Plenty of tasks etc to do. Pretty well thought out, and designed. No problems or glitches so far, running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. It does take some time in the beginning to level up enough items to start bringing a decent amount of resources. Overall, an entertaining, and enjoyable game.
  7. Fun game
    Jeannie Beanie
    Keeps drawing me back. You can make purchases- but don't have to. There are plenty of opportunities to earn special things.
  8. Under handed and rude company
    amy sparks
    Shut down game before bed had $8000, logged on when I got home for work had $500. Now mind you I NEVER logged in between and no one had access but me. Let customer service know issue. Their rude response? "Money doesn't disappear, you must have spent it." REALLY! When? ! In my sleep? While running around the hospital taking care of patients? Doubt it. I emailed them back about their lack of customer service and rudeness. Reply back was "no offense meant but we did raise all the cost of actions". So they admit to jacking up the cost with no warning but won't even consider that there may have been a glitch that caused this error? ! What about the times you accomplish something and it tells you "if you post on Facebook you will get a gem", so you do and then they don't give you the gem! ?! Under handed and rude.
  9. Not bad for something to just pass the time
    Cydni Hatch
    Not bad... Haven't been playing for long but it does take a long time to get anything.
  10. Pretty fun
    Dion Coker
    Lots of different quests to do, but constantly running out of gold. Maybe have more drops and make it just a tad easier to get going past level 4 or 5.
  11. Patience needed but great!
    Lisa Holtze
    Entertaining but if you don't want to spend the money to buy diamonds in bulk, it just takes a bit longer. Still worth playing.
  12. It was great! Not so much now!
    Sabrina Nye
    I've loved this game since I got it, till this update. Now while waiting for bar to fill and game to load it will stop at 5% and either freeze or go back to 0% and go back up to 5%. So needless to say I can longer get game to load. Please help me.. I've actually got to lvl 10 and am enjoying the game.
  13. Thanks Kimmy
    Lindsay Simon
    Highly addictive. Please make it possible to add more workers. I will then give it a five star rating
  14. It's Ok
    Danielle Jones
    Difficult to maintain interest. Time put in does equal the rewards. It's like life if I made more coin I could have more fun. The plus it's ok. Try it you may like it. It's a good app to check one in down time.
  15. Island experiment
    Tiffany Wood
    I love this game. My only complaint is having to wait for things to get done. Awesome.
  16. Sheryl Locke
    Great game, need an extra worker or two. Key for chest in level 1 is still not found at level 10? Keeps you going back to play though!
  17. Okay game
    Tanya Robinson
    This game is a good game to begin with. However after a short time (level 2) you realise that the resources are hard to get and time consuming and I think its been developed this way so you have to pay for resources. If you have the time and Patience its enjoyable to play.
  18. Won't let me use coins
    Amanda Brandner
    I've gathered over 2k in island coins, but when I go to spend them on boat upgrades it says I only have 8. Otherwise a fun game
  19. Surprisingly addictive
    A surprisingly addictive game. Investigating islands can be tedious but you easily get caught up in the game.
  20. Wont load
    Bree Grant
    This did have a five star rating but I bought a new phone and tried installing 3 times but it wont load. Boo.


What`s new

Aloha fellow islanders! New version brings improvements in the delivery system:
- New reward animation;
- Delivery totem changed;
- Hints added.
Also, these balance changes will be introduced in a week after the update:
- All chests can be opened at the same time;
- Time required for all chests to open is decreased.
Few minor bugs were fixed as well.
Stay tuned for even bigger updates coming this month! We are always here for you via [email protected]


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