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Sofie Forsberg | 2D and 3D Graphic artist at Filimundus AB

Bromma, Stockholms län, Sverige |

Oskar Thysell | Game Developer

Uppsala, Sweden |

Max Nilsson | Technology Manager at Filimundus

Stockholm, Sverige |

Marcus Lindström | Game Producer at Filimundus

Stockholm, Sverige |

Reviews 694

  1. Makes you think out side of the box♡♡
    Brittney Wright
    Great app for kids and adults my 3 year old is a genius at this game!! People say it doesn't make any sense and it's trial an error. . But what in life isn't trial an error lol. It's makes prefect sense is imaginative, explores different idea s, he Def come first place in a science fair!!!
  2. My antivirus found a maleware in this app
    Heike Broichhausen
    I really love this app, but I had to remove it, because there is a maleware Trojan.Boqx.A attached to this app. Luckily the delux version seems to be fine. Is it possible to remove the maleware?
  3. It misses the idea of the first game.
    Christopher Herff
    We loved the first inventions because of the cleverness of cause and effect of seemingly random objects put together to meet a goal. This one has way too many stages where the whole goal is to only complete a twisting maze of road, track, or pipe. Not as clever, and not in the spirit of putting together objects for a task. Because of this, it's not the same clever game as the first one.
  4. Pettson is great
    Richard Pearson
    I love this app so do the kids. Its simple and nice..
  5. Cute and a little trickier than the first version.
    Jamie Beckwith
    Fun for us adults the are still kids at heart too!
  6. Best. Game. Ever
    Casper Lindqvist
    Awesome game, but the accent make me feel ashamed to be a Swede..
  7. Great game but
    Jalloun Ginoux2222
    Great game but I wish there were more levels
  8. Todd Gardner
    I think this is a very great and cool game but I think that rare levels are a little tricky but otherwise it's a total BLAST!!!
  9. Nonsense
    Scott Langdon
    Most puzzles are trial and error and lack any real crestivity. What little direction that is given is of no help. Wish I had seen the lite (version) first and saved some money
  10. Pettson 2
    Amy Beers
    Really fun. Not as good as the first though.
  11. Relaxed fun
    Summer LaRose
    No time limits, no having to solve it better for different rewards like some other games, just a nice, fun, relaxing puzzle game. Puzzles are of a better higher difficulty than the first game, tho there are some adjustments to make them easier if you need to.
  12. More please!
    Daniel Tuttle
    No other app can make me smile like this one.
  13. Disappointing
    Iskander Yarmuhametov
    Most of the levels make very little or no sense at all. Usually it ends up just trying every single thing
  14. frustration
    Niall McCaffrey
    levels make no sense, just trial and error until something gets placed right. waste of time and money
  15. Fun for the whole family
    Michelle Grooms
    This game is really cool for me and all the kids 3 and up. Highly recommended!
  16. Great App, kids just loves it
    Khushi Verma
    It is one of those apps which you as parents want ur kids to play!
  17. Fun to play with your kid
    Cristi Istrate
    Great clean fun. I hope in new games from this guys.
  18. A. MA. ZING!!!!!!!!!!
    john francis
    best app in world its a must have!


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