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Anton Klarén | Software Engineer at Illusion Labs AB

Lund, Sverige |

Eric Eneback | Artist at Illusion Labs AB

Malmö, Sverige |

Hanne Fridqvist Nimvik | Game Artist på Illusion Labs AB

Landskrona, Sverige |

Olof Hedman | Graphics Software Engineer

Malmö, Sverige |

Reviews 2,335

  1. Great Game
    Andrew Grant
    Pretty much perfect for this type of gme. Loads of levels, (including design your own), and some useful options. Worth every penny. Could do with an option to sort levels by most recently played but still an easy 5* app.
  2. Favourite Game on My Phone
    Brett Bernakevitch
    I had a Labyrinth toy when I was younger, and I played it over and over until it broke. This is exactly the same experience as having a real one, except there's hundreds of levels instead of just 1! The ball kind of gets confused when it goes through really narrow things, or if the layout gets too complicated, but that's not enough to detract from the experience. Also like the simplistic, minimalist approach, i.e. no pursuit of coins and star-trios and achievements.
  3. Not quite so simple!!!
    paul fyfe
    Compared to labyrinth 2 the levels here are far more simple in design(just like you would expect in the real wooden labyrinth games) but are far more challenging... One tip i have is to calibrate your device at a angle that you feel most comfortable playing at rather than on a dead flat surface
  4. Labyrinth
    Yvonne Gentile
    Fantastic - just like the toy I used to own. Thank you for a great app!
  5. Loved it
    Norah Christenson
    This game is fun and easy to play and unlike some games the gravity is very realistic
  6. You deserve 5 star!
    Strambo Jfk
    Hours and hours of fun play session...if i can make a wish...will be great having the F1 circuit...any one want to make this level? : )
  7. So good!
    Shiraz Siddiqui
    This game is super fun and glad to see it on Android! I used to play it so much back on my iPhone. Is definitely a must own.
  8. Laberynt
    Martín Máspero
    Laberynt 2 must have been a Laberynt update!
  9. Addictive
    diana davis
    Love this. Easy to control. Hours of fun
  10. Alexander Kapshuna
    Great! But me was confused by fonts bug.
  11. Good game and challenging
    Marilyn K Gast
    A Google User avatar image
    A Google User May 30, 2012
    Excellent but .. Nice addictive game... i played htc teeter b4 thus got addicted...this one lacks such realistic feeling may be coz of wooden theme.. teeter has hard walls n more heavy ball feel... it would be nice if u add more background options instead of wood n more wieght to the ball to make it feel when rolling..
  12. Very good
    Marcus Zorbis
    Love this game, but I'm so tired of this wood texture and colors, what about create something new and modern, like brushed steel or colorful textures.
  13. Fun for everyone.
    Pauline Stout
    This is by far the best game of this type that I have found so far. Its very pretty to look at while playing and runs very smoothly and easily. There are a wide range of level difficulties so everyone will be able to find something that is right for them in this. I highly reccomend this for everyone.
  14. Cool
    Lirissa Mae Conde
    At first I couldn't control it and I get tempered hahahaha but when I used to play it, it's feel awesome lol love this app
  15. Cool
    Lirissa Mae Conde
    At first I couldn't control it and I get tempered hahahaha but when I used to play it, it's feel awesome lol love this app


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