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Anton Klarén | Software Engineer at Illusion Labs AB

Lund, Sverige |

Eric Eneback | Artist at Illusion Labs AB

Malmö, Sverige |

Hanne Fridqvist Nimvik | Game Artist på Illusion Labs AB

Landskrona, Sverige |

Olof Hedman | Graphics Software Engineer

Malmö, Sverige |

Reviews 89,213

  1. Good, Nice graphics, smooth interface
    MG A
    But once you're done, just delete it. It's just a waste of space.
  2. George Iwantschenko
    This game ugh. Well it us saft to say this is possably the worst game i have ever played like ever! And if u payed to play this you should get a full refund because it is terrable the ball is completly out of controll. I auctally had to take 3 asprins after i finished level 2 thats how bad it was. I would not even recomend this game to the people i dislike that is how bad this game is! So i can truely say WORST GAME EVER!!!
  3. Shanyce j
    I absolutely am obsessed with this game it is the best I recommend this game to everyone it is very challenging. It is tricky sometimes and I just need to put it aside but other than that I LOVE♥♥♥ this game don't listen to any of the negative comments trust me u will love it 100000%♥
    King Chukwumere
    I like this game alot. Its quite classy, just like a gentleman. I have over 20 of the top best games on my phone. But I found myself playing this more often. Five star for sure.
  5. Great game
    Savanna Decker
    I love this game. It' s so simple and fun at the same time. Thumbs up.
  6. full of fun
    Shane M
    it's challenging, and fun to play. I love the timeless way Labyrinth is so simple and classic, addictive and challenging, and the way the walls move, like it's actually 3D. totally worth playing.
  7. M.C. Shreyas
    The Only Game I've Installed In My Phone And Not Uninstalled Coz It Was Borin..The Best Game I've Installed On My Phone N I Don't Even Care If It Takes 13MB In My Phone's Very Little Ibternal Memory.. Its Just So Amazing.. Hats Off To The Creators.. :)
  8. Hands Down, The Best So Far
    Adam Clayton
    The detail in the game, with the board moving with you, realistic sounds, real life movement of the ball, to the ability to create your own levels. Plus, it doesn't need access to everything on your phone, like some try to do. Awesome. Well done.
  9. Addictive
    Nikos Kazantzakis
    I used to play this game back in the iPhone era and it was the first game I searched in Google play. Try it, you wouldn't regret it.
  10. Awesomeness.
    Mary Thompson
    This game is the most amazing game iv ever played in my whole life and on my phone it takes forever to download and to look for,its really hard right.
  11. I like it
    stella brillante
    A nice funny game! Great job! Thank you very much
  12. Awsome
    Joseph Handel
    Hey its awesome u should get it good mind game and it mite make u angry good luck
  13. Excellent
    abdulkader shahpurwala
    I will give it 5 stars if we all get full version for free.
  14. Smooth on tab w/ just an accelerator
    Tom H.
    Needs more levels, but I guess you get those w/ a purchase. Lol Great game, will probably purchase at some point.
  15. Didnt like
    matthew anderson
    I'm using a Double Power t708 tablet. 1.2ghz cortex A8 processor ARMv7, Mali-400 GPU,512mb ram.ICS 4.0.3. The ball was hard to control in this app. It was hard to navigate around the holes. Ive played other apps like this and the ball responded better to the tilt controls.
  16. I like this app
    Isabell Santiago
    Its better than the other maze apps {^~^}
  17. Love it
    Tyler Hamilton
    Its amazing better then da real thing
  18. Nice
    Kaala Manik
    When you are playing it you will fell very happy because balancing ball is really very difficult and very hard to win the game..
  19. Great
    Carl Grainer
    Great game old school 100 plus years old - to high tech cell phone
  20. So nice
    Maysaa Janoudi
    Im a youtuber but i didt do vidoes my name is amazinggxgaming


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- Compatibility with more devices

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- Improved stability
- Labyrinth 2 levels