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Anton Klarén | Software Engineer at Illusion Labs AB

Lund, Sverige |

Eric Eneback | Artist at Illusion Labs AB

Malmö, Sverige |

Hanne Fridqvist Nimvik | Game Artist på Illusion Labs AB

Landskrona, Sverige |

Olof Hedman | Graphics Software Engineer

Malmö, Sverige |

Reviews 557

  1. Not aloud to play with your friends
    J & R romaine
    Can you update labyrinth 2 so I can play with my friend and then I will rate it 5 star. Please UPDATE IT !!!
  2. Awesome!!!!!11!1!!one!
    Live ByGrace
    Its great, but there's one catch; you can only do multiplayer on iOS(iPhone/iPad)and I'm using a Transformer TF 101(tablet) so, no fun with my dad. :'(
  3. Good but lacking connectivity
    George Amodio
    Can't download levels, can't play against friends. Yet pay the same as iPhone users
  4. Good
    dash inc
    This is good, but add more levels! Keep it up Illusion Labs!
  5. cameron corona
    Still crashes level downloading even after update
  6. Great but needs some improvements.
    Albert Chai
    This version is great but I wish the developers can integrate a tablet version of Labyrinth 2 for Android.
  7. Finn McDonald
    I love this game it is amzing!
  8. Good Game, Bad Development
    Chris Kramer
    This game is addicting. I'm glad to see it on Android after getting rid of my iPhone. However, the app crashes constantly when trying to download levels. Really needs to be fixed. multiplayer. Also restarts you on the level if you screen locks...annoying.
  9. Highly addictive..BUT!!!!!!!!!!
    paul fyfe
    At moment am having lots of problems downloading levels ,sometimes its ok but other times when you try the game crashes!!! So only two stars,shame as game is really good and without problem would be rated much higher
  10. Not worth the money
    Julian Peña
    Too many bugs, developer does not seem to care about the app anymore. Few levels. And if you don't have an internet connection, the game will stop working after some days.
  11. Poor update n poor game
    kalpesh patel
    After the recent update also this game crashes while downloading new levels!! It totally nullifies the game makers mentioning that the crash problem while downloading is removed in the latest update !!+++ So request all the game lovers it to Download this piece of crap. ..
  12. Well Done
    Scott King
    This app is really well done, and provides a convincing experience. I enjoy the difficulty and sort of 'surreal' elements that only a digital version of this classic game can provide.
  13. Offline Fine, Online Unusable
    Andy Castille
    All online features either crash the app, or give "can't connect" errors. I had this game on iOS and loved it, why can't Android work?
  14. Good but...
    Craig Moffatt
    Good graphics but there is still a problem downloading levels please fix this in your next update if you fix this I will give this application 5 stars. Thank you.
  15. Awesome but...
    Rowan Jones
    Crashes when trying to download new level packs.
  16. Awesome game
    jim vanheesch
    Great game and challenging. Downloading levels works fine on galaxy s3
  17. Great game, but...
    Geoff Frangos
    Crashes 90% + of the time when downloading!
  18. Crashes
    Isaac Ellis
    This game crashes a lot in the create and the download maps section. Also I can never seem to be able to connect to the labyrinth server which is a massive bummer but you get 2 stars for good gameplay and general good times so fix whatever bug causes it to crash and make it so that O can actually reach the server and 5 stars will come your way.
  19. Good, but needs to use internet
    Sam Alws
    Great game! However, if you don't have 3g, it won't let me play/create internet levels. I wish you could use WiFi to do this. Also, the level pack preview page crashes the game
  20. Good game crappy app.
    Adam Kalman
    I love this game, especially the downloadable levels, I play them on iphone/ipad but can't on my android. It just crashes when I press create, or download levels.


What`s new

v1.29: Fixed problem with downloading created levels