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Magnus Wiklander | CFO at MAG Interactive

Stockholm, Sverige |

Kaj Nygren | CTO at MAG Interactive

Stockholms län, Sverige |

Joseph Le Grice | Software Engineer at MAG Interactive

Brighton, United Kingdom |

Jonathan Kulisic | Developer at MAG Interactive

Stockholm, Sverige |

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  1. Cherie
    Cheryl Ann
    Bought this a few weeks ago for my Galaxy 3 and it worked great at first, but became slower and more buggy as time went on. (Missing notifications and so on.) Today it will not search for a random opponent. Uninstalled and reinstalled but it did not help. Too bad, I really like this game. Edit: I should have added long ago, they did a great job repairing this app within a few days of the above post. Can't say I care for the lack of privacy with integrated Google Play.
  2. David Lankford
    Ruzzle is a truly great game, it requires speed of hand and agility of the mind, Wether you have them, or, want to improve them ruzzle is the game to do it with. (if only we could stop the people who cheat on it).
  3. Fb issues (are fixed)
    Jamie Withers
    Issue below is fixed. Awesome app. 5 stars for dropping new achievements. Dropping a stars as cannot challenge fb friends. It just hangs.... And hangs. Is this some kind of trick to stop me from getting an achievement?
  4. STILL Doesn't work well for s6
    Rob Sadusky
    Game is great but it still doesn't work well at all with my s6. It locks up constantly when loading and the only fix is to reinstall. It'll get 5 stars if they can fix it
  5. Plenty of fun
    Andrew Brown
    A boggle game without the noise. The new ink and coin features are chatter. Runs very reliably and provides hours of fun. Excellent for what it is and easily forgiven for what it is not.
  6. Friggin' game is addictive
    bill bergovoy
    I can't stop playing. I need help. Intervention? ?
  7. Addictive Fun App with Minor Bugs
    Mary Morgan
    Have Ruzzled daily for about two years now. After awhile u start to develop a community of opponents you play regularly. Freezes up occasionally during play which is frustrating but doesn't happen nearly as frequently as it used to. Only improvement I would like is more detailed explanation of how it works (ie. Tournaments, coins, how 20 players are selected for each, etc). Overall a really fun app that still holds my interest after 2 years of playing.
  8. Great game
    cecilia vannucchi
    The basics of the game are still excellent, it is fun and addictive. I don't care for the new tournament mode with coins - that takes off the marvelous simplicity and charm of the game. Why complicate something that works great?
  9. Disappointingly Busy + Malfunction
    Lori Nunley
    Used to be a 5star app.....Why screw up a great, simple game with all the new add-ons (coins, ink, daily word search, tournaments)? Trying to make Ruzzle like every other game? Plus, the AT&T word search malfunctions terribly. Find all 5 words TWICE over & yet still get credit for only 4? I'm done with that....
  10. Used to be 4 star
    They added some new features to keep people interested in playing, but I have not found more people to play with, just more sharks (think pool sharks). Levels speak of nothing more than how much a person plays, very little on skill per game. And just like every other word game out there, there are supplemental apps that "boosts" user's success, but not their skill. END NOTE: the new features do little to enhance experience or denote skill.
    diamond jurran
    I am not good at the game. I know that but these little brats and fully growl men and women decide to pick on me and I am sure other people as well. Needs a report button if there is one, were is it?!?! I am young and I tell them that but they still decide to pick on a kid...... -_-
  12. The Game of All Times
    Sheldra Thomas
    It's a great game to play and challenge your friends and random players! To the game creators, I hope you contact some of the players to hear ideas in making the game even more fun!
  13. It's awesome! Play me: Mrs.Doobs
    Annie Doobs
    I love this game! It's fun and simple to understand, but stays a challenge. I've played similar games before, but Ruzzle is the only one I kept. It's also the 1st game I purchased (shows all words and is ad-free!) and it's been worth it! -1☆: It has 13 languages, but could use more (Japanese); when I've had to reinstall it on new phones, a bunch of my achievements get reset, even though my account is linked with Facebook and my stats page shows that I must have earned them. Ruzzle support was useless.
  14. Latest update
    Karen P
    Back to being 5 stars! Thanks for listening and responding to your customers so quickly in fixing the problem with the update. I really did not expect such quick service. Ruzzle is back to being a fun game to play.
  15. I've been at level 20
    Moneck Germany-Braxton
    I've been at level 20 for months now, I paid for this app years ago and I'm upset about the fact that I haven't progressed since a month after the new update with the ink, coins, and tourney. So what are you gonna do for the ppl that actually paid money for the app and are not getting their money's worth???? Fix this and I'll go back to the 5 stars you deserve
  16. Buy into paid version?
    Steve Reynolds
    Now AT&T is running a rewards feature inside Ruzzke. Why?? This is an AD I paid not to have. I have emailed this conflict of paying for ad free version to now see the AT&T logo inside this game. The ads can only be removed by paying for premium and then pay to have multiple and long ads removed. The game has promised updates months ago and not delivered. The playing either by random, friends or tournaments work well. There are bonuses to help in tournaments by earning points during play. I play on a LG G3.
  17. Metro
    J Coleman
    Good game but driving me mad at the moment because it just opens up during calls or while I'm on the Internet ! This game seems to have taken over my phone !
  18. Update messed up the game...AGAIN
    Susan Sonstegard
    The last update messed up some of the stats & the player level points graph. Fix it! Plus, stop giving me random players with 200-300 more level points than me. Gee, I already know I'm going to lose (& some of the players are cheater hacks). Why would you not match people with players around their same level of play??? Dump the AT&T crap...doesn't work. They list some words twice in the list so they will only give credit for 4 & then in some you play 20 games & they never give you the 5th.
  19. Loving it!!
    LaShell Green
    I love this game, I love this app! Meet incredible people, learn new words, and have fun! Two minute rounds leaves you wanting just 5 more seconds. Only way this could be better if you'd add another star! I play this on my Galaxy s4 with no problems. Job well done!
  20. Wonderful
    Dan Pal
    A very enjoying game that you can play it for months without annoying


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