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Engin Artemel | President at Artemel International

Washington D.C. Metro Area |

Tom Brennan | President at Artemis Vision

Greater Denver Area |

Sergio Astorga | President at Arte Architecture

Houston, Texas Area |

Eric Ross | President at Artery Capital Group

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Reviews 13,863

  1. Simon Perdrisat
    Arte should work with professional app developers. This app undermine the otherwise very good content arte produce. Same go with the website. Make it simple and functional!
  2. On Android too unstable
    Dan Bieler
    The app is very temperamental on Android and crashes too often. This undermines the quality content that Arte produces. Arte should work with more professional app developers.
  3. Chromecast ne marche plus
    Olivier P.
    Depuis la dernière maj la fonctionnalité chromecast ne fonctionne plus. Sinon appli de qualité bien que la stabilité reste a désirer. Notera 4 étoiles qd ma chromecast marchera. Reponse: Chromecast OK mais j'aimerais bien un mode offline ;-)
  4. Finally it works on Chromcast!
    Dittmar Steiner
    ARTE is back! The stream quality is quite good. As far as I could test them all functions seem to work properly. The whole stream/cast interaction is not perfect but acceptable for.
  5. Super mit Chromecast
    Tom Screamer
    Die App ist für mich dank Chromecast die beste Art, Arte Angebot am TV zu konsumieren. Die Bildqualität ist sehr gut!
  6. Eine der besten Android Apps...
    Christian Lang
    ... wenn da nur nicht dass Problem mit den fehlenden Ausstrahlungsrechten für Österreich wäre: Leider sind etliche Videos nicht abspielbar. Wenn dieses Problem behoben wird gebe ich hier gerne 5 Sterne.
  7. carl mengdehl
    Bug depuis la MAJ, les vidéos plantent après 9 secondes. Alcatel Idol X Edit : le message d'erreur est "Oups! il y a un souci avec la vidéo.". J'utilise Android 4.2.2 sans mod
  8. C est une blague ?
    Kalvin One
    Cette app n est que de la pub pour la chaîne à la TV. On a droit à 3 minutes et 16 secondes d une émission et ça coupe net. Cette app est faite par des amateurs et j ai rarement vu une app aussi mal faite et bordélique. Ç est que de la pub pour la chaîne TV. Encore un autre point : leur réseau est complètement instable et ça coupe tout le temps. Je n ai pas ce problème avec les autres app qui font exactement la même chose en full HD.
  9. Markus Schlegel
    Miserabel Streams brechen nach 5 Sekunden ab. Alle. Reine Zeitverschwendung.
  10. Not all progs will play on Chromecast
    Alexandre Gagnaire
    Live TV works fine but nothing from Arte +7 will play on the Chromecast where i can just see a black background with ARTE in white letters. Other apps like YouTube work fine
  11. Bin darauf angewiesen
    Sergej Bertram
    Ich wohne zur Zeit in den USA und die ARTE App hilft mir sehr dabei die Heimat im Auge zu behalten bzw. meinen Lieblingssender auch weiterhin schauen zu können. Seit dem heutigen Update ist sie auch deutlich performanter und stabiler geworden. Danke!
  12. Works well but structure is confusing
    Soraya Bel
    I use the app a lot for viewing the programmes I have missed on TV, but the menu/categories are confusing and it is rarely easy to find what you are looking for. I would like to be able to browse my favourite programmes more easily and to customise the welcome page, i.e. getting rid of "Arte's selection".
  13. One major flaw
    Hen Drik
    Don't get me wrong, the design is appealing, menus are well-arranged and there's always a really interesting video up. Though videos should be available longer the content is still one of the best you can watch for free. The only thing that really bothers me is that videos just stop loading after like 45 minutes. It seems like a network error but it happens on all devices and networks. Please improve that!
  14. IPAD Version much better
    alain binin
    On ipad version you can scroll several days with pictures. Sometimes videos are not full length
  15. The perfect replay app
    Martin Richard
    Almost no bugs, fast and simple navigation, and a lot of goodies such as remembering of where we stopped so we can resume watching. If only other TV replay apps could be that good! I hope the chromecast issues are solved though!
  16. I love arte
    Nina Wagner
    But the videos on the app are only buffering and very often the content is not available at all -depending on your location.
  17. Sort of works once and then becomes unresponsive or crash with chromecast.
    Thor Thor
    Other apps like ZDF, youtube & netflix don't crash with chromecast so arte app got to have bugs with chromecast. Problem, starting video-clip is no problem but switching to other video-clip the chromecast app on tv doesn't respond and keeps playing the previous selected video-clip, the arte app on phone does react but upon trying to cast it again and again crashes the app on phone. looking forward to bug fixes.
  18. Cool app
    Andreas Hoffmann
    Good hd quality and intuitive handling. The quality is especially much better compared to the website.
  19. Useless
    Sophie Loe
    No ChromeCast icon and App was updated. forces interface into FR or DE.
  20. Stream does lag
    Jonas Dortmund
    Hey guys, content is awesome as usual but do have a more technical concern. The video streams are more or less not watchable since the video resolution changes while playing. Usually the resolution decreases significantly, afterwards the stream stops, buffers and than continue for a short period of time. Please have a look (platform Android Lollipop on a Nexus 10 with 16mbits download speed)


What`s new

This latest version allows the following:

•Control video playback by using Google Assistant
•Find the best of ARTE on your home screen by adding our "Highlights" and "ARTE Concert Highlights" channels.
•Resume playing a video from the "Watch next" area of your home screen.
•Benefit from the latest improvements by downloading our regular updates in the Play Store.

We hope you enjoy watching ARTE in English!


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