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Daniel Orme | Technical Director at AI Factory Ltd

London, United Kingdom |

Mustafa Qalawi | --

United States |

Mustafa Qalawi | Executive Manager

Martin Fierz | Researcher

Reviews 7,449

  1. Pure enjoyment
    KJwizz Wizz
    Great interface great selections. Excellent tutor. Would like a little better navigation or at least a few less clicks to save and exit quickly. Would be nice to have some references to various types of strategies used by masters during the play.
  2. Kicks my butt!
    Stephen Rybacki
    Plenty capable to play against bit as much to analyze games.
  3. Very nice
    Great app and options. At the hardest level gave me a challenge.
  4. Excellent game
    John Salerno
    An option to let us set up our own board positions would be great.
  5. Best
    Saptarshi Paul Choudhury
    This is the best chess game in the Google play store loving it
  6. Delighted with purchase
    NoSoBad NoSoGood
    Only 99p, great purchase! Looks good and plays even better!
  7. Best chess app
    Udayakiran Vichinthangal
    This is the best chess game available in playstore. One more request, can you add sharing for completed games that are saved.
  8. Excellent except for...
    Chris Walters
    The AI has a tendency to hang its queen too easily. Other than that, it's a great app.
  9. Paul King
    I got the free version of this before I knew better - bad mistake. Loaded with ads and drains your battery faster than a USB can charge it. But this version has nothing but the good stuff: - Nice interface - Good algorithm - Light battery use - Lots of control over difficulty A great program for beginner (it will teach you the game) through class player (I'm class B and it can kick my butt with levels to spare). Only thing that would make this better is more control over "style" for AI. Only has Casual and Pro. Would be great to have a few "personalities" or even controls for adjusting Aggressiveness vs. Positional Play. Still, can't take a star off: for 99 cents, you won't do better than this.
  10. Martijn Schuth
    Very polished and well-designed. My favorite Chess app on the Playstore, and I've tried many! Highly recommended.
  11. Great!
    Sergei Artemev
    Feature suggestion: 1. Sync saved and current game between devices with the same google account. 2. Volume buttons scrolling moves in game view mode.
  12. Could be 5 star
    kevin utley
    Make it so you can flip the board to see it from your opponent's view. That view gives you a different perspective of the board and what he/she sees and what you are doing.
  13. Chess is chess
    Chris Rodrigue
    This is a pretty fine app to enjoy a good game of chess. The AI is simply brutal even on the lowest settings, as others have mentioned--but challenge is welcomed.
  14. Hard
    Gerald Terrell
    Even in practice mode this game is ruthless. It beats me in less than 6 moves every time.
  15. Best Chess Game From App Store
    Jonathan Perez
    It is very beginner friendly. It gives the rules of chess and there is even a mode that gives tutoring. There are many options making this a very complete chess app.
  16. Sweet Brother Victory Nice!
    msKin Avénue
    Avez-vous travaillé ou consulter sur le code logiciel à l'intérieur de ce produit? Je sautai à lire livret de règles and conduct. —wmp
  17. The game is good but...
    J.A. C.
    ... This got me puzzled, so I don't know how to express this in words: [Event "AI Factory's Chess"] [Site "Android Device"] [Date "2015.07.19"] [Round "1"] [White "Cpu (10)"] [Black "You"] [PlyCount "31"] [Result "*"] 1. f4 Nf6 2. Nf3 Ng4 3. h3 Nf6 4. e3 Ne4 5. g4 Ng3 6. Rg1 Nxf1 7. Rxf1 Nc6 8. b3 Nb4 9. Ba3 Nd5 10. c4 Nf6 11. Nc3 d6 12. Qe2 c5 13. Rh1 h5 14. g5 Bf5 15. gxf6 exf6 16. O-O-O * Is this even possible?
  18. Moves fast
    Bhaskar Bulusu
    The level 12 is also very fast. The paid version is quiet and good for picking up your ilo levels. I have reached 1370 after 100 games and only got two draws. Waiting to learn and defeat this genie.
  19. Love it
    Gino T
    My chess widget disappeared just now. Is that normal?
  20. Very poor.
    Jubair Ahmad
    Not good on Oppo N3 (5.5" screen), glitches a lot. Graphics are poor.


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