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Daniel Orme | Technical Director at AI Factory Ltd

London, United Kingdom |

Mustafa Qalawi | --

United States |

Mustafa Qalawi | Executive Manager

Martin Fierz | Researcher

Reviews 99,605

  1. It's ok
    Gary Cross
    It's not a bad game on the lower levels. It gives you the worst of hands on the higher levels, then you only get to draw a handful of cards before the computer lays down. It could stand to be a little more realistic, I don't win every hand in real life, but neither does my opponent.
  2. Run
    Billie Laverghetta
    I have lost points more than once in a run that was not counted. QKA of the same suit? Yeah....that's big points against me.
  3. Must have app if you love gin rummy!
    Carol Suggs
    Love the Game! Been playing for a while and it is still challenging. One of the few apps that I have seldom ever had any glitch problems out of. Great graphics and easy to see even on smaller devices. I have it downloaded on every device I have and play this over many other apps.
  4. Ads are annoying
    Leigh Hofman
    Good game to waste time but latest update for me has now made ads pop up mid hand unexpectedly. Very annoying when they pop up just as I go to press the screen to select or pick up a card.... not happy with it at all!
  5. Hussain AR
    U need to have more challenging opponents. Once one gets to the last one there's not much more of a challenge.
  6. Obvious dev cheat
    Its painfully obvious the devs decided that increasing the difficulty could easily be accomplished by dealing better hands to the cpu. 6 hands in a row on three stars the cpu went out immediately after the draw. It rarely happens on two or less stars though. It also knows what is in your hand since you can see it holds cards it doesnt need that it would not know about till it lays down.
  7. Fun Game
    John Vega
    Only reason for 4 stars is you can only play against the system and not live people. So it's really just how the cards fall rather then a live persons strategy
  8. Julie Threlfall
    Really like the game, but wished that the cards were shuffled more. The computer has won with only drawing one card multiple times.
  9. Awesome!
    Brett Harrington
    Game play is smooth and appears to be free of glitches. Fun and challenging, just as good as playing with a real opponent!
  10. Realistic?
    Rob G
    I've never played gin where my opponent lays down so often after drawing only one or two cards. And it can't just be random that so often I discard a card only to have the same number of each of the other suits come up in the next few cards. Uninstall.
  11. Hasan Shaikh
    Very easy to learn rules and makes you think every now & then just like the real game
  12. Good game.
    George Woods
    Easy to play,tricky too. Sometimes a little hard to see. But a quality game
  13. Barbie T
    I dont like it when my opponent has gin after i could have knocked. Several times i could have knocked but the computer wont let me and then on next card my opponent wins with less of a score than i have in my hand.
  14. Great Game
    Laura McCracken
    Love the game & glad I can change the difficulty of the match. Keeps my mind going & not boring.
  15. Jessica Eldridge
    Great game. Keeps me busy. . I like how they let you play with different "players" with different strengths.
  16. Be patient
    Tauri Matthews
    Great game! Increasing challenge level and being patient has increased my success.
  17. Addictive, learned to play after downloading FUN game
    George King
    Such a great game, AI has created high quality apps, love this game, plus their chess and spade, and 4in a row games all rock! Long time fan of this developer and supporter.
  18. Love this app!!
    Brenda Creekmore
    Easy to play, no problem with pop-ups for me. So far, so good, gave it five stars!!!
  19. Too easy
    Wendy K
    It is not realistic. Too easy to win even with the harder opponents.
  20. Avatar
    Amanda McClanahan
    Great games. One thing would make your games better: being able to choose your own avatar!


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