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  1. Z
    Mephiston 87
    the game is still alot of fun, very basic and relatively simple controls. An excellent strategy game where u can blow some time when your bored/waiting. Im giving it 4 star purely because of its 372mb size, properly optimized it would be 50mb ish. Also its very zoomed in, making units hard to keep track of and alot of scrolling(my phones a CATS50).
  2. Samsung galaxy s3 mini
    Tony Yates
    One of my all time favs. This is a great game, im so glad its in the play store. Bring back more old school games !!
  3. The real RTS pc game on your phone
    Jordan Lewis
    Can't believe this is so cheap. Tons of fun. Rare true RTS compatible with mobile platform.
  4. Great fun!
    Josh Ward
    Great game which I used to love on the PC back in the day. It's perfect for tablet and this is a great update!
  5. Great when I played this as a kid, still great now
    Dominic Norton
    A unique achievement with simple, effective controls and hugely enjoyable gameplay. One of those few games that transfers to a phone platform and is just as good as the original was on ms dos
  6. There's a email for support with this game that don't exists that help full
    Chris Welsh
    I played this on ps1 I spent years looking for it ,it's perfect just one thing don't work right! I don't no who to contact to fix it !can anyone help ?my tuffs won't go in apc then apc is unable
  7. Z
    Done Dash
    I play it seen i was small..... my best strategy game ever
  8. Retro fun
    hav eric
    Beat this on PC remember sleepless nights trying to beat it lol thanks
  9. Zed
    trev tink
    Brings back very fond memories of playing the PC game version with my sons.
  10. Great!
    Jessy Lajeunesse
    Great game! Would never stop playing, but no more levels to play... Would be nice to have a multiplayer option and do duels agains other players.
  11. Strategy Classic
    Niveshen Govindasamy
    Classic strategy game. Works perfectly on my Samsung tablet. Great fun, very addictive
  12. Awesome
    Johan van de Ven
    Thanks for bringing this classic to mobile!
  13. Great game
    Simon Drury
    Played as a child glad it's come to android
  14. Love it
    Andrew Harpin
    I used to play this game as a child brings back many good memory's sitting for hours apon hours in front off a PC screen wish they done more off the old games here
  15. Amazing reproduction!
    ari hassan
    Exactly like the old-school game! Great job!
  16. Crash in level 14
    Chandra Ramdhani Rustam
    Keeps crashing 5 minutes after the game in level 14 medium difficulty. Does not happen in level 15.
  17. Love it, but...
    Erik Berglund
    ... why is it so hard to press controls? Increase the size of the button areas!
  18. Great game
    Ben Woodward
    Its just as i remembered it. Incredible game i even beat the level i was stuck on many years ago. A very nice feeling now on to complete it.
  19. Yay!
    Trent Cullum
    This was my favourite game when I was growing up. I was SUPER excited when I saw it in the past store and I was not disappointed. Love it!
  20. Awesome
    David Waller
    I worked on this game testing in the 1990's. Great version for smart phone /tablet


What`s new

3rd November Update
1. Fixed language selection on resume

25th October Update
1. Added new audio options.
2. Fixed issue with super high screen resolutions.
3. Added language selection in Options.
4. Added Options within game.
5. Fixed bug changing languages did not reload sound bank or panel sprites.
6. Fixed bug with mini-map when not open you can drag and select in that area below.
7. Fix for level 14 crash, repairing bridges.
8. Altered cut scenes to display full screen.