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  1. Great sorry, screen taps inaccurate
    James Mcgregor
    Love the sorry and the game design but I need to tap the items several times every time to select it, greater accuracy would be appreciated.
  2. Great game but...
    Peter Butcher
    Great game overall. However a small issue occurs when using my Bluetooth headphones as the dialogue audio cuts out before the end of each speech bubble. I tried deleting the settings file but this didn't solve the issue. Works fine when simply using audio out of my phone.
  3. Audio problem
    Ian Spendlove
    Seems like a good game and I was having alot of fun with it until I ran into a pretty common problem where the audio and dialog boxes cut away before they are able to be read. This is a game breaking problem as I can't understand any of the dialog. Some reserch I've done in how to fix this shows one possible solution that doesn't work. This seems to be a problem with the game that's been around for a long time and still hasn't been addressed by developers. I'm going to try and email them for support.
  4. Broken sword
    john hamburger
    I love this game . apart from the slight audio glitch it is a well structured game, the puzzles are intriguing and the storyline is superb.
  5. Different from usual HOS games
    Koki Niehaus
    Different so made it kinda intriguing even though animated! Loved playing on my SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 phone and now CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY SEQUELS!!!! ONLY COMPLAINT IS: TOO PRICEY $$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Konrad Rudolph
    The game itself is pretty good. The two flaws that annoy me are: (1) Occasional omissions that make parts of the story incomprehensible (minor spoiler: Nico’s inferences about her father are unconvincing). Sometimes the story just “jumps” by putting information into the journal that the game did not actually provide in gameplay. (2) Some puzzles require completely ad-hoc solutions without any possibility of logical deduction. Trying out all possible combinations of inventory items with screen objects is simply boring. 4/5 stars. The adaptation for Android is partially poorly done, however. Lack of touch sensitivity leads to many wrong clicks. Occasional bugs interrupt cut-scenes and thus hide important detail. Accidentally touching the display can interrupt descriptions/dialogs, and the information is lost forever, because not all descriptions can be shown repeatably. The sound quality is abhorrently poor. The visual art is okay, and some of the backgrounds look great, but the figures are of poor quality, compared to other games of the same era. And finally, the game saps an unjustifiable amount of battery because it’s clearly not optimised for mobile architecture. 2/5 stars.
  7. One of the BEST games ever!!
    Maria Bolanos
    Although there is simplicity in the point & click method of this game hands down this is one of the best games I've ever played! It was so engaging I couldn't put my phone down. Great story line and great puzzles. I felt challenged the whole time. I was happy for the puzzle hints being the first time playing this type of game. The further along I got the more I understood how to get thru the game. Definitely worth the money for the hours of entertainment. I'm going to buy the next one now!
  8. Great game!
    Christopher Bope
    I played Broken Sword 5 first and loved it. Now I have discovered that the first one is just as good! I can't wait to get 2, 3, and 4! I definitely recommend these games if you like a good mystry story, adventure, and simple, satisfying puzzles! It's never frustrating as you can use the hints if you wish, or just use your imagination and figure it out! Oh and sometimes it is hilarious too! Something for everybody.
  9. Incredible Game Truly Deserving Of All Five Stars
    Michaël Mertz
    I feel at a loss for words when trying to describe this game.. It is honestly one of the best games I have ever played on a mobile device, if not THE best. Worth every single penny and then some. The graphics are fantastic, the puzzles are so awesome, the story and characters are brilliant, everything about this game is remarkable. Truly incredible game, I couldn't recommend any further. Especially if you enjoy "point and click" type of games, which personally are my favourite, this outweighs the competition in my opinion. Also may be for fans of puzzle type games that are challenging but not too difficult (there are also tips you can access to aide you if you get stuck at any point). Just wonderfully executed game all around. I will absolutely be looking for all content from the developers, Bravo!
  10. If you're looking for good ol action adventure fun, you've found it!
    Seth Cheek
    This is a great game. If you're a fan of action adventure (aka point and click adventure) games, this is a must. It's got a slightly more involved story than the classic Monkey Island games and the humour is subtler. The puzzles are nicely pitched whereby they're challenging without being too frustrating. In some cases I found I wasn't clear what I was meant to be doing but the puzzle hints kept me on track. All in all a great find.
  11. Great but could have been better
    Bryan Maclennan
    The extra Nico scenes are over too quickly and they have no real effect to the George chapters. I'm not very happy about the death scenes being removed either and some of the dialogue being removed. I was hoping it was just a port of the original but remastered with some extra scenes added, I don't think there was any reason for the game to swerve around the death scenes and some dialogue like with the coughing man in Ireland and Khan in Syria was removed for some reason. It doesn't ruin the game but its a shame it was changed.
  12. Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3
    Mark T
    A lengthy trip through Europe is provided by this somewhat complex adventure app. The story is quite good and the writing is well done. The voice acting seems rather forced and the characters sound like they are talking in a tunnel. The graphics are very detailed, colorful, and dated. The gameplay is very enjoyable, works excellent on a touch screen, and the puzzles are fair. Google play games is offered, but NO CLOUD SAVING. I don't want or use Drop Box. Keep It! Thanks. Cost: $1.00.
  13. I remember playing the original game
    Andrew Peake
    I used to pay this game on my PC but never got around to finishing it. This director's cut breathes fresh life into the game and it has kept me immersed for hours
  14. Great mobile game experience
    Paul Katterman
    Great mobile game experience. Played this on the PC back in the 90s. Great then. Great now with a nifty new interface. Well worth the purchase price!
  15. Zoe Velonis
    Good game, good puzzles that are clever but not maddening. Nice atmosphere and dialogue. Well done. My only question is why you start playing Nico and then switch to George. I would rather have stuck with her; she was much more interesting but by the end spends all her time sitting in her flat waiting for George to come back.
  16. Frustrated
    Julie Howlett
    Keeps freezing!!!please help!!! Just after George talks to girl,he then needs to talk to workman about newspaper to steal his tool. When I'm trying to touch arrow it stops!!! I know I've done everything right,cos I've played it before on my ps2. This time I'm on my tab,and getting frustrated!!!
  17. The first game I've ever enjoyed
    Gail Bowen
    I'm a 38 year old woman who has wanted to get into video games for years. I felt I was missing out. I love this one. The hints are great when I get stuck. I resisted the attempt to get my bloke to help me. Need more like this!
  18. I hate clowns.
    Rob Thomson
    Fantastic game! Have been waiting ages for this to be on android. Tablets and smartphones are the perfect platform for point and click adventures, finally that has been realised.
  19. 100% Epic
    Lee Peck
    Brings back memories, was a pleasure playing this awesome game again.
  20. I love the game but...
    Ilona Kulinska
    The cutscenes won't play! Screen goes to black and I have no choice but to skip them. :(


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