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пинг понг


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James Gratton | Founder, Developer at Yakuto Limited

London, United Kingdom |

Caroline Aubry | Game Developer

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Jordan Kirk | Founder, Creative Director at Yakuto Limited

London, United Kingdom |

Reviews 69,301

  1. Henry Bracher
    Excellent quality app, never stutters, very good frame rate and easy controls. Good, simple yet challenging fun. And no IAPs!! Couldn't ask for more.
  2. Great app - just can't stop playing this game ...
    Harish Kamath
    Having played quite a few games that require a lot of hand eye coordination, you always that the game's AI is always conspiring against you and subtlety forcing you to buy the add in boosts to your game - not in this case. For starters, you buy the entire game without any in-app purchases. Kudos to the developers for taking this decision. Next, the smoothness of the game plays keeping you wanting to play one more game before you call it quits. The nuances of the games are also inserted during the game.
  3. nice !
    Greg Main
    Great looking game , nice graphics and physics. fun and worth the price (which is very reasonable). No IAP's ! Hooray !! Well Done Yakuto !
  4. Great job
    D. Gileles
    Beautiful, not lagging, not too repetitive, balanced (not impossible, not too easy), and best of all, not pay-to-win (like, 99% devs would sell boost for real money). Totally worth the price.
  5. Fun, but really hard
    Steven Whitney
    The game has amazing controls and is fun but is also incredibly hard with no way to change the difficulty. Found myself consistently losing to the first match the game has to offer. The advanced serve is also incredibly hard to learn as you can't tell when a good time is to hit the ball due to depth perception limitations.
  6. Great game play and brilliant arcade levels.
    Ian Ramsay
    Hours of entertainment here. Looks beautiful and attention to detail awesome. Can't believe how excited I get when a new bat is unlocked! Got a feeling the final of three levels is going to be insanely difficult. But who's complaining as this game is excellent value and we'll worth the purchase price.
  7. Great game
    Eddie Maxwell
    Very fluid game, only complaint is that the tournaments get to be a little much when you move past the club level. I'd love to see single elimination as an option, because you get to a point to where you have to just outlast your opponent until you unlock a new bat. Perfect design in difficulty increases and the arcade challenges are fantastic. Would be cool to see a power-up as the rally total increases to make stalemates a little more exciting. This game is by far the best $1 I've spent on a game.
  8. It's hard to believe Ping Pong can be this fun and hard to put down...
    Babbi Rios
    The closest thing to the real sport since RockStar Games Presents Table Tennis. Just as good, just as fun and somehow more addicting than it should be. Very intuitive and responsive controls, crisp graphics and authentic sound effects. An engrossing career keeps you coming back for more and even the mini games are sweet and entertaining. So addictive that you just cannot fathom. You've got to try it to believe it... you won't be able to play just one quick game,
  9. Absolutely worth the price!
    Trace H.
    Wow, what a great game! This completely deserves the editor's choice award. I was a little hesitant at first to buy it, but so glad I did! Note that you CAN change the paddle settings so it isn't right under your finger, which makes it that much more fun. Highly recommended!
  10. Really enjoyable.
    Mark O'Gara
    No nagging and intrusive advertising, no ridiculous in-app purchases, just high quality fun and very good attention to detail. It's great, and highly recommended.
  11. Brilliant little game
    Neil Scrivener
    No in app purchases and amazing physics. Very addictive. Not overly easy too to keep you engaged.
  12. Love it
    Sri Hari
    I am a real life player and I really liked the dynamics and the swing. Really enjoyed playing the game. No lag and delays, very responsive
  13. Table Tennis rocks
    Roland Youssef
    Best money spent on a game. Comparing to the amount of fun I am getting in return, this app is supper dupper cheap. The graphics, the usability, the workflow and all there is in it is quite amazing. You can't stop playing it untill your finger bleeds. If only there is a multiplayer mode, through direct wifi to compete with freinds. Keep up the good work YAKUTO.
  14. Very Realistic, and challenging!
    Laurie Prather
    Very nice graphics. Variety of options to play. Realistic to real game. Love the realistic ball sound and the cheering when I win!
  15. Surprisingly fun
    Dustin Reid
    This game has no business being this fun. Its extremely polished, well made, and very addicting. Never thought table tennis could be this fun. Gets a bit challenging at times, but its not discouraging at all. Highly recommend.
  16. One of the best games I played so far!
    Cris Austria
    Amazing game with great customer support! Running smooth on my Xperia Z3 Compact.
  17. Enjoyable but Glitches
    Easton Stelter
    I have experienced glitches that make the screen black while I play plus it freezes too. Please Fix
  18. Amazing!
    Ryan K
    Definitely the best table tennis app on the market. It does cost more money upfront than some of the other apps but it is better than suffering from ads or in app purchases. The physics, graphics, detail and everything about this app is awesome. Highly recommended.
  19. Accelerometer problems
    Paul Klopping
    Fun-ish game with great graphics, but the accelerometer will flip mid game for no reason. Entirely frustrating and disappointing. Ruins the experience.
  20. Perfect controls!
    Matthew Bertram
    I love the fantastic controls in this game. It's very responsive and super easy to pick up and play. Graphics and physics are excellent. The career mode is addictive and has fun mini-games! A must buy!


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