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  1. Another review!
    I have played Warespear Online agin and it is still a "PAY TO WIN" game which is not for me. As for the other reviewer name calling is vary childish, and trying to discredit other reviewers is the ultimate bushwa
  2. Game play
    So not to stop on anyones tails bu this game was awesome until elf gone godly so mc cant kill even one with abilities even if reach that level they still over power the other side. The game isnt balanced anymore its one sided.
  3. Really sweet game
    The game is really cool and has advanced a lot from what it use to be. It offers many things to do and u also don't have to p2w if u don't want to u can grind it all out. Which is amazing for a game
    I tried out the "free miracle coins", but it only works for the free videos. The others are just a waste of time and gives me nothing !!! Disappointing. I expected better. Smh .
  5. Best mmo :3
    Sandwich is the name wars pears my game
  6. Best Mobile MMO
    I really don't know how to describe it, it's just really good and a very good rpg game
  7. Awesome
    Very fun once you get to know the concepts which the fellow players help with but it does have a few flaws like the faction sides are unbalanced making wars impossible for the mountain clan side to win and game is hard to become one of the best in without in game purchases but it still posible
  8. Doesn't have space for heroes
    I tried to make a hero but it said it didn't have enough space for the hero I hope that they can fix the space problem in a update
  9. What a cool concept, its everything you could want in a morph.
    So this game was exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely love the pixel graphics, in a world where games like Starbound and Terraria are huge this was a good call. Not only can you customize your characters appearance but armor and weapons also change their appearance. I know it seems like a small thing, but in my opinion it's a must to any rpg and this game nails it. It also has pvp a huge map and very interesting enemies but the coolest part is the player driven economy. With that being said there are only two things that prevent this game from being a 5/5 star review. The first is that grinding or killing random enemies don't help you level up, and it is a pay to win kinda of game. When I say that I want to clarify you don't need to pay to win the story but the way the grinding system is set up it will take you forever to collect a significant amount of money and experience.
  10. Great game worth 5 stars
    Ok I waited a month to write this. It's the best rpg mmo on App Store IMO if you like building characters, grinding dungeons and PvP. Is it pay 2 win? Totally. pay 2 win.. Faster. There are no roadblocks to advancing if a free player but be prepared to grind months or years even if you don't buy mcoins and sell mcoin items to players. The economy is very chaotic but thriving so if your smart or lucky make a lot of gold quickly. Leveling is slow but fun through first say 20 lvls unless you use xp pots which can double or almost triple your xp from lvl 1. Max lvl is 28 and gear is maxed at lvl 26. Lots of quests and dungeons. There is Arena and open world PvP. Many safe zones so don't freak out if starting again Id start playing on a weekend when they give huge bonuses to Mcoin purchases, lvl to 3 and sell enough Coins to get a beginners outfit from the shop and 2 xp pots. Then quest. Messg me - Warpuppy on mc side I'll try help
  11. Great
    Great game, friendly/funny community. You should defiantly play.
  12. Top notch RPG
    Really awesome game been playing for coupl of years now sooooooo good
  13. Amazing game!
    Highly recommended and enjoyable! A portable MMO in the palm of your hand with a strong community, 500+ hours of exploration, quests, PVP at higher levels in certain regions, arena, massive wars, crafting, clans, player driven markets, customizable skills and so forth. Patched on a monthly basis. This is the ultimate game you want!
  14. Beautiful
    Been playing since 2011 love this game. It's amazing if you love mmorpg this game is for you. You can always play. I have so many great memories with friends and family in this game I would just like to thank the creators. The fighting is amazing, it's hard work to level your account and yes this game is free to DOWNLOAD. You can also play but it isn't the easiest thing in the world to buy gold but it's also not expensive to be a pro. So just spend 20-50$ every now and again on miracle coins every now and again. Join this lovely game it's never ending and the only one of its kind.
  15. Awesome!
    This game is awesome! Graphics are retro(ish). gameplay is unique, fun, well done, and perfect for mobile. Community is nice enough, which is a lot for an mmo. It runs plenty well with subpar internet, just don't PvP. Which leads me to my next point, it has good PvP. I haven't made it high enough to play any real dungeons but they have those too! It's really everything you want in a mobile mmo.
  16. Very unique
    It's fun it's cool it's unique it's very exciting (better then twom in my opinion) it just never gets old
  17. Long time player.
    I've been playing this game now for more than 3 years and still haven't lost any interest at all.
  18. Update Bug
    After I updated the game, skills no longer play their sounds. That aside, this is a good game
  19. No names work
    Stupid I can't play cause all names taken
  20. Everything i've been looking for
    I have never written a review before until now. I've been looking for a simple, easy to play mmorpg that also has a lot to offer and this is exactly it. The quests are kind of easy and the traveling takes a bit longer than I'd like but something about this game keeps bringing me back. I'm still trying to learn everything about the game and I'm only level 5 but I can already tell this will be a game I don't delete. I suggest this game to any mmorpg lovers that found themselves limited to free time. Highly recommend to anyone honestly, just a great game overall.


What`s new

Mysteries and treasures of the underwater world are waiting for you!
One of the biggest updates of Warspear Online 8.0 "The Ship Graveyard" is already available on your devices. The epic story of Arinar continues! You will find a huge underwater world, hiding many adventures and dangers within: over a hundred wonderful locations, inhabited by unprecedented creatures from the dark depths of the sea, dungeons and grottos, old secrets and great treasure.

- Huge underwater territory - more than 150 new locations
- An exciting continuation of the storyline
- Character maximum level increase to 32
- Interaction with sea factions
- New mechanics of Guild events in dedicated and GvG territories
- A tree of underwater talents with three directions of development
- Incredibly powerful equipment with unique bonuses
- New special currency - Pirate Doubloons
- Mysterious dungeons with dangerous traps and valuable awards
- Unique battle mechanics with powerful raid bosses
- Search of the treasures hidden in the sunken ships
- The most sinister monsters of the underwater depths
- 50 unique achievements and 6 of them are legendary
- New expert skills and increase the number of available slots
- New Arena category for 2x2, 3x3 and Temple of Seals
- New unique items at the Miracle Shop

- Bug fixes and stability improvements