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  1. Once was great
    This used to be a fun game. I deleted it awhile back to make room and just grabbed it from the cloud again. What have you done in the 6months that I haven't played? Updates are one thing but to completely change it? Over and out!
  2. Just one thing
    I really love the game I just wish there was an option to either enable global chat or leave it disabled so people who want global can have it and tries who don't can leave it off, that's all, besides that, amazing game
  3. Spark nitro 126245
    I have a iPad second generation I can get on that account but it kicks me off I haven't used it in over two years wounding if you can help me out with it my account name is jeffrezz please and thank you
    Everyone they like the cheaters because people will spend their hard earned money to recover a car they should not of lost in the first place!!!! They are money hungry and your making them rich!!! Just quit playing the game because it's a scam!!!
    I would rather have a frontal lobotomy than deal w/these theivin’ assssholes!!! The latest update,besides completely screwing up the racing guages(NOS,launch,shift) making them 100% unreliable & unpredictable but the app also would reload during a race & when it comes back on YOUR CAR IS GONE!!! The best part though,which should NEVER BE FORGIVEN is that management,when contacted,they talk down to u treat you like you’re like a piece of sh ittt on the bottom of their shoe!!! U may be happy now,i was too 2yrs ago,but beware cuz wen your account gets hakd because of their incompetence you’ll be in too deep. Good luck people
  6. Racing rivals
    I like the old version better the new one is to......... I don’t even know how to explain
  7. Error Code (600)(FR)
    This occurs when I beat the last racer in campaign and I've raced him atleast 10 times now and had to repair my car a couple times causing me to wait. I'm wanting to know if something will be done about this.
  8. Needs fixing
    Was an amazing game. But now I can no go any further because when I beat the garlits it pops up an error code and restarts the game. So I can not move any further in campaign mode because of this. This needs to be fixed.
  9. Fun game, bad customer service.
    Collect your favorite cars but don’t play online unless you want to be slaughtered by people way outside of your speed rating. Don’t do the special offers either half the time they just don’t give it to you. They’d rather you waste your time and dedication for there profit than fulfill there proposals.
  10. Restart
    On the last guy on the story and I’ve beaten him twice now and each time it makes me restart the game not sure if it’s because I have to update it which I am doing now if that’s the reason I’ll take this off
  11. Game has been ruined twice
    So around 6ish months ago the developer released a 6.0 update completely trashing the game and losing half of the players especially veterans. Now they released an update ruining the launch and messing with shifting. Both updates combined have lost 70% if there player base, this is despicable and they should be ashamed of ruining a game that I and others have played for longer than the dev has had his job for. Straight up disgusting
  12. Fix
    I had beat the last boss in New York and y'all is cheating for him cause I beat him twice and it's kept saying restart when I had beat him
  13. Unable to complete action (600)(fr)
    Every time I beat the last boss I get this stupid error code ???
  14. This game is whack now
    The graphics are even worse than before and the launch and set up is garbage.
  15. Matchmaking
    The game is really fun its just the matchmaking they expect you to will when everyone is alot fast than you
  16. Don’t update you loose garage
    I lost my garage cause of this update
  17. Major Problems...
    Still having issues with 'unable to complete action (-6)'. Or now 'unable to complete action (500)'. I don't know what either one is about, but the game is unplayable, save for the initial time it's downloaded. After that I get one of these error messages until I give up and re download the app. No wonder rr has so many downloads... Please fix these issues!!! I've been playing this game since it started (yes REALLY) and a lot of things have changed, a lot for the worse; it used to be VERY hard to get and build even a regular R class car (back before they had "R1" and "R2"). Now everyone and their brother has dozens of unique and rare cars. Pew. That being said, it's still the most comprehensive and interactive drag racing game available in the App Store. You will either love it or hate it. ;)
  18. Won't run
    As soon as I try to start the game the screen goes black. Still can hear sound but that's it.
  19. This game is horrible DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
    It puts me in 1645 lobby's when I'm in a 1630 car. I've lost two cars from that bull crap! If I had to give you a rating for this game it would be -500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/5!
  20. iOS 11 screen recorder
    First off, this game is awesome but, the iOS 11 screen recorder doesn’t work. I was recording and the screen kept freezing


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*** NOTICE ***

After 5+ years of customizing the world’s hottest cars, competing around the world in Turf Wars and putting it all on the line to race for pinks, RACING RIVALS will be shutting down on March 31, 2019. On that date, players will no longer be able to access the game.

Effective immediately, in-app purchases are no longer available. However, players have regular use of the inventory currency they’ve accumulated and currency that is awarded from now through March 31, 2019.