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What`s new

A frighteningly fresh version made with love and care! Loads of new content awaits your exploration!
1. A new map! Finally, a new region for you to explore! Get ready to demonstrate true courage in Hellfire Mire!
2. 10 new monsters to capture in Hellfire Mire with their own unique looks, animations, farms, and ingredients!
3. 20 new dishes! Get ready to work your noggin to discover their best recipes!
4. New gameplay! Rides may now be used to deliver all of the previous dishes you worked so hard to research! Accept sets of meals ordered by various factions and deliver your dishes in this new way to make a fortune!
5. Optimized sharing system! Shared pictures now have dialog with quirky characters!
6. Optimized ride menu! 「Bought Ride」&「Rides Store」!
7. Various optimizations and bug fixes.