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  1. Pudding pop
    Love this game I have played it for years
  2. Games
    I love this game so much but they have less moves on the game and you can't finish the game when you have to much fun please put more movie on and can play for Hours
  3. Pudding pop
    Great brain teaser. Keeps you on your toes. The game cheats too so you have o watch out.
  4. Good. thinking Apt
    I like, keeps my brain thinking.. Sometimes one can get stuck, but no worries give it a few days and things will change..
  5. Cheating
    I don't mind buying diamonds once in awhile but this game cheats when they change the colors so you can't complete the level. Not a fair game!
  6. Bugs in game
    Sometimes a move will work, but if they want you to buy more diamonds or coins, the game will stop allowing moves all of a sudden. Terrible. Level 1588 needs work
  7. Pudding pop crap
    They won't let me use my iPad until I signed up for this junk.held me hostage.i won't use their program. Beware all who read this true information. Review page did not give enough options to correctly describe the problem. It lied when it said I had a friend request. Nothing about my friend came up.
  8. The best mind game
    Love this game keep your mind going
  9. Addicted to beating up on these buggers!!
    Luv the game. Just enough difficulty so it is still a challenge, but not so easy that it gets boring..
  10. Sooo much fun!!
    Especially when u can connect with Facebook and compete with your friends!
  11. Love this game but...
    I have been play pudding pop for over a year and love this game but...since the latest update it keeps freezing and shutting down!!! Please get this fixed. This is my go to game during free time.
  12. Cute game, easy play
    I have moved 35 levels in one day. Simple mind puzzles. I did have a challenge on two levels, lost 3 lives.
  13. Pudding Pop
    Fun game but can't get through a level or two.
  14. Decent game....but the game CHEATS like crazy
    I like this game but it is so blatant and obvious that the app cheats you ALL THE TIME!!!!
  15. Pudding Pop
    Love the game but the final play button hasn't worked for months. When not under Wifi I can play as a guest. I don't want to lose coins lives and jewels if I reload the game.
  16. FUN!!!
    Such a fun game, and great stress reliever!
  17. Great
    It's a great game to unwind with from a hard a crazy day
  18. Would rate higher but...
    Love the game except ever since last update now it has taken to freezing up while I'm playing and I lose a life every time. Please get this fixed
  19. Beginner
    Just starting to catch on to the flow and so far I'm enjoying it.
  20. Level 1158
    Has anyone beat this level? Without massive purchases.


What`s new

1. Minor bugs are fixed.