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  1. Good game, gacha not a rip-off
    There’s tons to do and progress is very much possible without spending a dime, unlike most games with IAP.
  2. Final Fantasy Record Keeper
    This game is so much fun I really love this game
  3. Best 2nd game
    This game is awesome just getting the crystal lodes is hard but I hope that can be lowered but by far best 2nd game I’ve played
  4. Totally epic game!!!!
    I think I’ll get addicted to this for a long time
  5. FFRK is awesome
    I think that this team game is awesome. The events in the game are so cool especially when you don't know what is coming next. The cool thing about the relics is it is so cool because it is a Radom chance to get a rare one.
  6. One of the best Final Fantasy games ever!
    I literally played this at least one every 24 hours for the past 2 years! However, it's been afflicted by a bug that keeps it in the pre-totle screen loading screen. I tried turning my device off and in again, but the bug still persists. Somebody has to fix this ASAP.
  7. Game should be called “cannot connect”
    Buggy. Laggy. Always disconnecting. Visuals fail to properly load on a regular basis. Weak design. Core game functions rely so heavily on rng. Be prepared to force close app and reload until you can eventually squeak by boss fights that are poorly explained or inaccurately rated. Character management is an absolute chore. You spend more time sorting through your chars than actually playing the game. The worst part is the amount of money people actually spend on this game. Seems like the game is trending where new events contain less fights, resulting in less Mythril. So be a good boy and spend more money. Read the reviews about how people drop him hundreds of dollars on this. It’s sickening. Don’t support this trash.
  8. one of my favorite mobage
    it’s a great free ff phone game to always come to and shouldnt be outshined by the other mobile games, great for nostalgia of collecting the characters fun events that you don’t need to rank for and you don’t have to scout the characters from the gacha just weapons. easy system and nice layout
  9. God Tier
    I've been playing FF for many years. And I'll be playing it for many more. This game is fantastic. Other games have come and gone. But this one has always stuck around. For an old school FF fan this game is a neat tribute to all of FF. There is so much to do. And they are always updating new content and quests. I hope this game sticks around for a long time so I can continue enjoying it.
  10. Not what you'd expect.
    I only started playing this game about a week ago. The advertisement for the game is seriously misleading. The parts of nostalgia you'd get from this is weak. They just cut a bunch of the screen shots from games and added short lines from the story and description for each image. Gameplay is pretty fun, interesting concept to say the least. Although the effort you need to put in is a bit much. Aside from needing certain equipment for your character, you also need stones that unlock the characters true level (99). It's a tedious and very time consuming game. Play if you're bored as hell, but don't give up your day job to play this. It's too big of a time burner.
  11. Worth a down load
    Only reason I made 4 star is they charge to much for gems and really a pain to get enough for a good draw
  12. Loading times are too long.
    This is a fun game to unlock your favorite FF characters but my only problem with it is that I spend 50-80% of my time waiting for it to load. Because of this, I’ve started to divert my attention to faster loading games like Fire Emblem Heroes and Puzzles & Dragons. If they could make the game load faster, I would start playing it more seriously. Too many times have I hit the initial load screen, press Play, and then wait on a completely black screen for it to time out or error out on me.
  13. Backing up data
    Get with the times! Game Center is dead and should not be an option for save data! So when some of us upgrade to a new phone we easily forget to go through the entire upload/download process in the options menu. Long story short all of my data is instantly gone when I opened up this app all because I forgot to go through an outdated process to save data for a new device. Never again. File this under more reasons why many don’t take mobile games seriously.
  14. Exceptional
    Classic combat system done very well, beloved characters and settings from amazing games, and a surprisingly good story considering what it is. This game is phenomenal and one of the best mobile games available.
  15. Recovery issue
    Been playing the game for years, factory reset my phone to get all the GB back and re-downloaded this game just to have it start a new acct and overwrite me old one. This is the only app that does this everything else saves automatically way to go you've lost another player to this issue now. Fix it or continue to lose more
  16. Five Stars
    Purchased gems in-game. My money disappeared, but the gems did not appear in its place... will revise review when this is fixed. Update: This game really has been great. This was the first real problem I ran into. The support team was fast to respond to me and, while the issue seems to have been resolved without developer intervention, the team was thorough in ensuring my experience remained satisfactory. I recommend the game; I recommend the developer!
  17. A fun Final Fantasy Lite experience!
    Final Fantasy: Record Keeper provides an entertaining light version of the RPG experience the mainline series is known for, with a special appeal for those already familiar with it. You can recruit characters from your favorite Final Fantasy installments—who, for the most part, retain their general stat inclinations—and make dream-teams of any five characters you like. Additionally, characters are not recruited through a random grab bag mechanic, but instead through as non-random rewards from fixed tasks, making them much less frustrating to obtain. The game boasts a large number of Final Fantasy scenes to revisit, including regular, cycling events—which do recur, for those worried about missing them permanently—and every mainline Final Fantasy installment is represented, as well as Tactics, Type-0, and World of Final Fantasy. It is free, so for those interested in trying it out, there's no harm in giving it a shot!
  18. My favorite game
    It’s been 2 years and I haven’t put this game down. The only game I haven’t stopped playing. Not only nostalgic but a great battle system. Great strategy, and depth.
  19. Be prepared to grind
    As a lover of all things FinalFantasy this is a great game definitely brings me back. Especially with the grinding you have to do to advance growth eggs only take you so far.
  20. Absolutely terrible customer support
    I’ve been playing this game with no issue for a couple of years now, and I loved it. I’d finally gotten together a good enough group of characters to finish the rest of the Nightmare dungeons when my last phone just up and stopped working. I got a new phone a few days later, and when I recovered my account from GameCenter, a previous account was recovered instead of the one I’d done so much work on. I contacted support, they asked for a bunch of information including receipts for purchases made on the account, and after I provided as much information as I could, they just stopped responding. I gave them almost two months to get back to me, and yet, nothing but crickets. No attempt to help me, nothing to try to retain me as a customer, not even an apology for not being able to assist in recovering my account. I’m out almost 200 dollars all told, and I’m extremely displeased about it, because at this point it amounts to basically theft. This review will stand until someone finally contacts me.


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