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  1. How to play
    Why am I losing all my chips every single time I play? It's really not much fun to lose all the time. You give a very few Chips and of course we lose them all. That really doesn't make people want to pay for more to lose. You really need to loosen up and let people build up some chips to play on.
  2. Great!
    Waiting in a clinic...time just flew by
  3. Closest to being at an actual casino!
    This app is one of the best I've found so far. It's fun and it gives plenty of credits more often than other casino games. I love it!
  4. Lucky slots!
    Diverse slot, with several options to choose!
  5. Greedy
    This game is a rip off. I just spent 4 millions without winning one bonus with the biggest win being less than 200,000 when I did win. I did purchase coins, and would win a little coins, then suddenly I would start a losing streak, spending almost a hundred million coins without winning any bonuses, free spins, or large wins. It is stupid to spend real money on these dumb games because these developers are very greedy. You will never be able to keep your coins no matter how much of your own money you spend. don't waste your real money!!!
  6. Hard to win
    Slots are tight so it's hard to keep winning enough to keep playing.
  7. Great game!
    By far the best. Play is fair and DoubleU staff is amazing & responsive. No other game appreciates its players as much as DUC.
  8. Good
    Love it wish I could win more
  9. DoubleUCasino
    Best free slot game app out there!!
  10. Can get boring very quickly
    The slots in Vegas aren’t this tight. I feel like the goal is to force me to buy chips, but that will never happen. I’d spend real money if I could win real money, but not gonna pay just to play. Here’s a concept for the developer; how about letting people hit a jackpot once in a while? Make the game fun and exciting for us. Maybe then we’d be willing to buy in.
  11. zimswamp2
    What's up downloaded new mermaids slot now I can't play at all double u casino won't open .please fix this . I think the slots are great.why are your new slots so hard to down load. Have tried downloading the new fireworks slot without success .whats up. I can’t play any of the slots until I up date tried up dating can’t get that to happen.this is getting old always something wrong with this app.
  12. Fun time when you can actually do the updates! Once again wants an update but no way to do it!
    Absolutely HATE the new format for picking machines to play! Can never get on one with a high jackpot. Now it keeps telling me I need to update it but won’t let me. Used to be one of the best, now one of the worst!
  13. Casino
    Great Games and Great Payouts at the right time
  14. Love the games
    Love the games reminds me of Vegas!!!
  15. Just started
    Just started playing, so need to wait to determine likes and dislikes.
  16. Best slots ever
    Really love these slots. Way better than many others online. Various themes keep them from becoming boring
  17. Good App
    Like to see wheel of fortune with better win wheel jackpot amounts
  18. Fun
    Enjoy most of the time, wish games had more bonus and free spin wins
  19. Updated versions
    I hate the newest set up so much that I’m thinking of deleting this app. It used to be fun to play. If I could give it a “no stars”, I would.
  20. Fun
    This is a fun free slots game. You have to make large bets, but you win a lot too.


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