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  1. Fun but pop-up ads
    I like the game but hate the ads that pop up. If the ads keep popping up, I may have to delete the game. Annoying. The only reason I give it 2 stars is because of the ads.
  2. .???
    Could you add help and explain how to get the crystals. The only color I get is red - urrgh! I don't care how many color combos you make you never get green what's the problem?
  3. Would be good if....
    The bonuses on the bottom of the screen are in the way and I have bought three of them accidentally. You don't explain how to get the different crystals and I can't figure out what I need to do to get them. Stuck on level 16.
  4. Game
    I love it. I just wish it was a way you can earn skips.
  5. Nice
    Nice game but way to MANY ad's
  6. Impossible to beat level 20 without paying.
    The game was fun for levels 1-19. Once you hit level 20, it becomes literally impossible to beat the level without paying real money for more coins. They get you addicted to the game and then try to force you to pay. One star.
  7. Could have been fun...
    ... But there are way too many ads, half of which block the playing field. The little in game ad might not seem like much but most often it blocks the view of balls in play or the boosters.
  8. Good but...
    I want to rate it a five, but for some reason the screen is not fitting on my tablet. When the balls are scrolling in the very top or very bottom of the screen, I can't see them. So I cannot effectively play the game. Is anyone else having this problem! Please fix the screen fit.
  9. Awesome
    Really good and time passing game and is very fun. A lot of people should have it. It should have a lot of levels. I like these types of games. Keep it up dovelopers
  10. Fun Game
    This is a great fun game for killing time and alleviating boredom!
  11. Gametime
    Stuck on level 49. Thinking of deleting the game as no more balls come in to keep playing on though I have collected many points to use
  12. Peach
    I use to think this was a great game. But I have been playing level 50 for over a month and can not get through it. Seriously thinking about deleting it. Unhappy cause I like the game. :(
  13. Marble blast
    Good game but I played all of them . Are you going to make new ones ?
  14. Sucky game
    I'm on level 29 and this is almost impossible to beat. U can't reach the bonuses when they pop up and by the time u c the next ball, ur at the hole already. What's the deal? This game almost made me throw my phone at the wall. Uggghhhh!!!! Anyway......
  15. Bolas
    Muy bueno y entrenido para relajarse un rato lo recomiendo
  16. Marble saga
    Marble saga is the best game ever I play it more then my other games I love no other game can replace marble saga
  17. Not marble madness!
    I was looking for Marble Madness, a game I played as kid at arcades, and came across this game... I love playing it, still want Marble Madness, but this will do for now...!
  18. Fun and addictive
    The marble blast series is awesome, it all starts right here!
  19. Review
    It's fun! Explanation of the bonuses would be nice
  20. I like it but....
    I loved playing similar games like this as a kid and was excited to play. But I this game is not color blind friendly so I am unable to :( :( :(


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