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  1. Fail
    It makes no sense to only give five lives and the fact that three swings are taken away is dumb.
  2. Benji bananas
    OMG! I really like this game! My husband told me about it, and I can't stop playing it, it's addicting!
  3. WOW!
    This is definitely a different type of game. This game is fun and exhilarating game,I am already on level 18.
  4. Cute but boring
    The music and graphics are great, too bad they are matched with unequal talent. Game play is tedious, you just swing from vine to vine.
  5. The best
    It is the best app I have played in along time. I have not gotten bored of it once. My only problem with it is that I think it should have more than 5 lives at a time without paying for more. But other than that it is just plain great
  6. Amazing
    I am so addicted to this game!!
  7. Read about it!!!!
    This is a fun game. More levels please!!!!!
  8. Love it!!!!
    This game is awesome. So fun and entertaining. Can be challenging but that is what keeps me coming back!
  9. Fun to Play!!
    I really enjoy this game. It's a little challenging on some stages... Can't wait to see the additional stages...
  10. Fun, but
    The 24 hour wait between quests is pretty beat
  11. I'm
    It's amazing game because you never know what come ahead
  12. BANANAS!!!!
    So far so good! Great way to pass the time
  13. Under construction 4 ever
    Game is cool but I beat all the levels at least a month ago never any updates or new levels been under construction forever
  14. Fun
    Waiting for more levels to be added
  15. Extra lives all gone!
    I want them back! All my saved up lives are gone after I updated this app. Are you kidding me, I knew better but updated anyway. One star rating until this is rectified people.
  16. More levels
    I don't know why people can't get passed level 85. I did it pretty easily. I've been waiting for a couple of months now for new levels to open up so I can keep playing. How much longer?
  17. Age. 73
    Please. Make. Beinji. Adventures. Like. You. Did. Benji. Bananas. Where. You. Can. Buy. The. Things. You. Need. With. The. Amount. Of. Bananas. Collected. Benji. Adventures. Has. Few. Bananas. And. Vines. Too. Far. Apart. To. Swing. Too. Game. Is. A. Great. Game. Just. Need
  18. 85
    I love this game but it's impossible to beat level 85 because there is no bananas! Update please!
  19. Lives
    Never gives lives that I earned. I'm owed about 11 lives. Please fix glitch!
  20. Sell out
    Benji bananas totally sold out, man! Swinging from vines is all about the money to him these days and not at all about the love of the game like it used to be. Buy more lives so you can keep playing? I don't think so Benji! I'm going back to the basics. You can keep your adventure to your new corporate self, ya sell out! I'm done monkeying around


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