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  1. Games for dayzzzz
    I’ve re downloaded this app a couple of times, and I love it; but after a while it gets boring since you can’t buy anything unless you actually buy stuff-if you know what I mean? Or at least that’s how it was before, but I’m gonna play it again!
  2. More Options More Fun
    So many levels. So many cars and trucks.
  3. How many ads there are
    This is a very amazing game but it has a lot of ads when you try to get a new car it shows a ad or when your done with a level it shows an ad. Be cautious for ads
  4. Fun but...
    The game in all is very fun. I downloaded it after playing an online game where you have to park. However, the ads are very annoying, and I’m not going to send $2 just to remove them. It’s ridiculous but I guess that’s how companies make money. Another thing too is the game, the only problem I have is whenever you crash the space is just small to damaging the vehicle. It is something that needs to be fixed other than just removing the ads alone without having to pay.
  5. Glitches,ads and cheats
    The game constantly glitches and messes me up and it happens a lot when I’m changing the settings. The ads are getting in the way it’s almost impossible to play. And the daily spin is cheating me out of my coins I hit 200 and it gave me 50 what’s all this about?
  6. Ads inappropriate for children
    My kids liked the game, but the ads allude to adult activities.
  7. The ads are RIDICULOUS!!
    I understand that ads are necessary, HOWEVER why do you have to have 15-20second ads after EVERY level??!! It's super annoying and therefore I'm deleting this app! Also, there's no slowing down either. It's only pedal to the metal, and you crash unless your an expert. Ughhhh!!
  8. Don't get this app
    This game is fun and addicting, don't get me wrong. It just has so I many ads. Some ads were real fishy. One ad tried telling me I had a virus due to some Trojan ad and clicked the link (which I didn't). Now I'm not sure if my iPhone has a virus or not. Don't get this app at all and don't risk getting your phone infected like mine.
    I get there trying to make you buy the no ad game, but I'm in the middle of playing a level and ads pop up it gets really annoying! Sometimes it says I crash into stuff that's not even there . Besides all of that this is a fun game when I'm bored !
  10. Awesome!
    This app is great for me and my baby brother I am 11 and he is 5 and we truly love this game
  11. Fun
    I love this game. It keeps me occupied and is good in times of boredom. I like that I can buy levels with game money and not real money. My only complaint is that there are ads at the top of the screen, and I can't see where I'm going when driving so I crash. Also the game will glitch while I'm driving and I end up crashing.
  12. Trashy game
    Sorry but not the best game!!! Poor programming and lack of pure entertainment.
  13. Fun, too many ads
    Too many invasive ads. I understand there needs to be an incentive to buy the paid version, but I couldn't even enjoy the free one without back to back full screen ads after each level, and one always at the top of the screen. Enough is enough.
  14. This game is .... PERFECT!!!
    Thanks for adding revive options while driving. An all time classic game!
  15. Ads ads ads
    Literally nothing but ads. Tired of it
  16. Both
    I like both parking frizzy but I like the first 1 a little better
    I love driving games and this is one of the best ones on the App Store hands down!!!!
  18. LOVE IT!! ❤️❤️
    The cute little details and seasons are just classic! This is a great game to play when your bored and it's addicting too!! Good job!
  19. Decent
    This game isn't have bad. The gameplay overalls kinda cool. One thing that bothers me though is the ads and that as soon as you let go of the gas it stops suddenly. Instead it should slowly slow down. Also the red and blue buttons are not perfectly in the corners on the iPhone 6. If you goes can fix these couple issues I'll rate you guys 5 stars!
  20. Like it
    I like this game, it's really challenging though and it doesn't actually represent how you're supposed to park! But it's a game and I was hooked!! You'll get 1 star and and try your hardest to do better and the cycle continues.


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