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  1. Great game!!
    I think this game is really relaxing, fun, and time passing. You really need to take your time to create the best resort. 5/5! Amazing game!
  2. Love it
    It’s great and addicting and a great time killer but I just don’t know how to get on my first floor now! I need help pls..
  3. Good game
    This is a fun game and doesn't take a lot of time.
  4. Good game
    It's addicting once you start and the music is cute :)
  5. I LOVE THIS GAME❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I would recommend this game to ANYBODY! This game is fun to past the time. Great game and makes you feel like you are actually running your own hotel. It is absolutely fun and entertaining
  6. Fun!
    very addicting and fun. allows me to do something when i’m bored
  7. Soooooooooooooooooooo good
    This game has good graphics awesome gameplay and it runs smoothly I would recommend this to anyone who loves simulation games and it has sooo many rooms It’s just a really good game when I Get my YouTube channel back I’m Totally going to put this game on it.
  8. Good time
    Fun way to spend time when you’re waiting on something or wanting to pass the time.
  9. Awesome
    Game is very relaxing I love it ! My boyfriend gets mad because I always send him requests when I need coins but I tell him , shush I need coins lol and then he says he’ll block my number but he really won’t
  10. Review
    I swear this is my child hood I love this game sm
  11. Helppp
    I love it but why can’t I go from floor to floor?? If I’m suppose to then show me how because it’s confusing to me
  12. Yassss!
    I love this game I play it with my free time I’m 11 and I really recommend this game
  13. Game
    This game is so fun it’s like having a hotel in real life saving up money for important things
    This game is so amazing check it out you will love it !
  15. Addictive
    Super fun and addictive. Gets kind of boring sometimes.
  16. Hotel
    It’s pretty lit I’m not even gonna lie
  17. Pretty cool
    This is a pretty cool app! You should definitely get this app.
  18. No
    There’s nothing to do I am done with this stagnant style of gaming most
  19. ❤️
    This is a nice relaxing game that I would recommend playing. It can get really fun at times like decorating and stuff. It’s great.
  20. Good
    I have to review the game to complete a quest but it's a good game too


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