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  1. Annoying!
    I love the game itself but a. Inch of stupid ads pop up every one second!!!!! It’s so annoying!!
  2. Gods help!
    I just want to smash my iPhone. What a game!
  3. Terrible comments
    Love the game it’s just when you fail a level it says things like, maybe you should try a lower level, and, that’s why the top level is the hardest. Which in my understandings is discouraging. Maybe you should make better comments
  4. Why can't I pause???
    I love the game and the concept. I enjoy that you can float between the different difficulty levels WITHIN the game. BUT, the fact that I can't pause this game has got to be its most annoying feature. If you're close to beating that really high level or going after that 3rd really better hope nothing else comes up. Because you can't pause the game.
  5. Cool game
    I enjoyed "Give it Up!" The original so i decided to give part 2 a try. I like the addition of different difficulties in the levels. I also like the fact that they added checkpoints in part 2. Having to start over from scratch is extremely annoying; not to mention difficult. All in all, i enjoy the game very much.
  6. Give it up
    Give it up is a great game with challenges such as spikes steps in moving obstacles with lots of practice I love it and you will too!
  7. So good
    So good it's my favorite game on my iPhone
  8. So good
    It has been with me for two years
  9. Blob
    It is a great game but I would like it better if you could pick the speed of the blob.
  10. Much improved
    I loved Give It Up. And part 2 is even more fun with the different levels. I just finished the game and am waiting for Give It Up 3!
    I tried to delete it after it was boring and it would never delete so I tried to search and look and nothing worked because of I don't know it was just HORIBLE!!! Please fix
  12. Worsened version of Geometry Dash.
    This game is based off of memory and the ability to 'use rhythyms'. I like the idea of having to use rhythym, but what I don't like is a course designed thing. With the courses and no free mode, it's more frustrating then I expected it to be, as I'm someone who likes to use her instincts more then her memory, which is why I always failed my language tests. But also, I have to say, I'm not sure if it was my device (which I doubt due to it being a 6) or if it is just a little wonky, but when you have a series of chains of repeatedly hitting to the beat, and when you do, for some reason it pretends you aren't. Keeping at pace to something simple, and it's been done, but then it doesn't count it? My main issues were just the music and the forced to a designed course. I'm just not someone who can do that. Sorry, but in my opinion, not worth the time. Update: There has been nothing to fix the issue with the tapping and hitting with the beats. Nothing. It's frustrating to play if the controls won't work.
  13. Really bad
    This game is really bad it has no skill it .. It all depend on memorizing the badly created patterns
  14. SOOO Hard!!
    Great game but man is it frustrating! You'll do fine the whole level and screw up at the end and have to do it all over again....sigh.
  15. Needs New Levels
    I love this game! It's fun and challenging at the same time. I just wish they would add some levels to the game. Although there is a daily challenge you can compete, I would like to see some regular levels added.
  16. App downloaded without my knowledge.
    I found this app on my phone without ever having tapped to download it, nor even having ever seen anything having anything to do with this app. Not cool. Didn't open it, deleted it immediately, good riddance. I'll be making a personal note to keep away from all other apps from this developer.
  17. Harder then geometry dash.
    Read the title. You did the undoable.
  18. Cool
    I like the game I play it every day
  19. cool
    This game is really fun and addicting. Kinda hard but it's probably just me. I also really like the music so ya cool game. Oh but I forgot to mention... Those *UCKERS WHO SAY THIS GAME IS TO HARD OR IT HAS TO MANY ADDS... *UCK YOU. 1 FOR ADDS. DISABLE YOUR WIFI THERE U GO NO ADDS YOU *UCKIN RETARDS. 2 *UCKING PRACTICE!
  20. Loves it!
    This is another great addictive game, I love the sounds, the graphics... So simple and beautiful!! It's hard, but totes worth it.


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