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  1. Cmon
    It’s a fun game an all but the amount of ads that surface on your screen WHILE youre playing just makes it seem more unfair. I understand ads after you lose but it’s almost completely unable to play. I like the game but yall need to re-evaluate the choices in ads
  2. Bro
    There's like 3 ads every 5 games there's less ads then other games I don't Wacom have ad block so stop complaining because there's like no ads!
  3. The best app ever
    I love this app you need to buy it.It is fun cool game get this app
  4. Good Game EXCEPT
    I’m sorry but this game gets on my last nerves ... I will begin playing the game get to a score of about 50 or so and an Ad will pop up, it wouldn’t be bad if the game would pause but it doesn’t and it does it over and over, also it’s probably the worst glitching game I’ve ever downloaded... if it didn’t have these flaws it would probably be my favorite game. One more thing the game will get boring after a while you should add extra features like a ZEN MODE or as some one said after you hit a certain Score you go into a diamond rush or something .... or when you hit so many of the dots in a row have something come up .... just an idea because just like every other game people are going to lose interest quick
  5. Freezes
    Constant freezes and stutters on iPhone 6+ not to mention the annoying Ads
  6. Thieves
    Copyright theft. Apple allows thieves to publish and featured in top 10 list. Abhorrent.
  7. There is a BIG issue with this game
    So first of all, the issue is that when your in the middle of a game a ad pops up and then you die!!!!!! I hate that and it is annoying and I hate this game!
  8. Ad
    When I am playing a ad pops up in the middle of game play
  9. Unoptimized Games
    Ketchapp has decent ideas for these “waste 5 minutes at work/waiting for a ride” games, unfortunately I haven’t experienced a game of theirs that doesn’t magically drop frames after more than a few seconds... kind of important in their typically reflex-based style of entertainment.
  10. Stupid game
    There has to be more to life than this.
  11. Please fix the freezing of the game!
    The freezing of the game is driving me juts and I can’t hardly play anymore!
  12. Awesome
    I am not a computer, I think this app is great. I love how it gets more challenging as you go on. The game gets faster and I love how you am unlock new balls.
  13. Really good game
    Not a lot of ads. Easy to play, you can hear music while playing.
  14. Amazing game (I LOVE IT)
    Omg I never thought this game would be the best game I ever played bc of all the bad comments but I'm all about this game I usually don't take the time to right a review but this was definitely worth it omg DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT NOW. I can't even explain how amazing this game is I love it so much it's better than social media which is like amazing bc I'm on social media all the time
  15. Fun game
    This game is so fun and challenges you to beat your record and it’s fun
  16. Could you allow this app to help raise money for charity?
    Could you allow this app to raise money for charity? There are not enough charity apps in the AppStore. Example, other apps use advertisement revenue or sponsors to raise money for charity, could you do the same?
  17. It's alright
    "How about we make another minimalist arcade game and fit as many ads as humanly possible in it?" -Ketchapp Just turn off wifi and cellular when playing this game. No ads will pop up, and you can play this game like [insert your religion's god here] intended it to be.
  18. SO HARD BUT SO FUN!!!!
    So this game is so much fun but it’s hard because some of the stairs are moving fast. I love the game but you HAVE to change that because that makes the game even harder.
  19. Good job!
    I like how intense the game is. It’s a great game but maybe you should add music in the background.
    As the other reviews say, yes this game is very fun. But it is hands down one of the worst apps I have ever downloaded. The ads ruin the game. They pop up all the time and make the game have a lag that makes it impossible to play. Do not download


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◉ CHALLENGES! Complete 48 CHALLENGES in 4 categories and receive rewards!
◉ 3 new CHALLENGE CHARACTERS! You can now play as a Rubber Duck! :)
◉ More fixes.