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  1. No animations no tutorial
    I'm yeah kinda sad with no tutorials but still kinda fun
  2. Awesome!
    This is a really well thought out game despite the fact it had nearly no tutorial, no animations, and a lack of depth. Regardless of those, it's still rather satisfying. I hope in a further update, they will then install some form of a tutorial on everything and how it works as well as placing in quests to put in experience for doing so. For those who like knights and computer like games with no animations, this is the right game for you! As before, despite the lack of tutorials, peeking around and learning is not that hard, though it still would be nice.
  3. Yerp
    It's a great game that allows for multiple quests without having to stay online to accomplish them. The guild system is quite nice and let's the user feel connected with the game.
  4. 1st review?
    Good idea, executed horribly. No sound, no directions, easily able to be confused, keep working guys.
  5. Back to the drawing board
    No character customization (you can't even choose your gender) and all the fights are off-screen. This is just lame.
  6. It's really fun
    It fun and cool but idk how to use diamond or what there for
  7. Great game
    If u get the chance get the game and join my clan "chosen ones"
  8. After many years of searching!
    This game is addicting! At first it may be confusing on how things work, but the community in this game is absolutely encouraging and will help you on your way! (At least in my clan) this game is one of those games that gets overlooked, but it is an awesome and adventurous game!! Give it a try! My in-game name is Rogue Xero, so send me a request and I will explain things further! Happy adventuring!!
  9. Quite fun fantasy RPG - D&D fans
    Reminiscent of old school pen and paper rpg's of the past, players set off on a quest where they can band together or lone wolf their way to victory over npc foes and even each other.


What`s new

Added support for the French language.