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  1. Used to be good
    I'm tired of trying to play this game only to be constantly frustrated. Rounds last one, maybe two rounds if you're lucky. It didn't used to be this bad. I lost a game today where the winning AI opponent had 65 points and had finished all phases before I had completed my fifth phase. Completely unfair. The AI isn't better, they just get tons of wild cards and can finish a round in a turn or two. If you don't get the cards you need on the initial deal you're out of luck. Often, I won't even get a turn before an AI finishes a round.
  2. Overall I Like It!
    I really like the gameplay and the choice of games (all Phase 10 but the hands are in a different order). What I don't like and find very frustrating is when the computer players make stupid moves that costs me the hand, like playing a card that the next person obviously needs, or skipping a random player instead of the one that is far in the lead. To be fair, they also play these cards to me, but it makes the game unrealistic. If the developers could address this issue, it would be as fun as the real deal!
  3. I want the old game back!!
    I can't even play this game with all the ad's that pop up. The game has gone down hill!
  4. Can you update please?
    I love this game but this app is crap. Which is really disappointing when you want to play this game but don't have any friends to play with.
  5. Garbage
    Terrible game. The updates ruined it. Uninstalled.
  6. No rating
    This version is awful. I want the original version back. Going to find another game to play. So done with this one.
  7. Awful
    eric ovcharenko
    I don't even know where to start with those horrible app...first off I enjoy phase 10. One of my favorite card games and then I saw that it was on the App Store and I thought, "how amazing, one of my favorite games to play is on the App Store!" Little did I know that this app would truly be one of the worst purchases of my existence. Within the first few minutes I realized that this game was developed very poorly and clearly by someone who has a well below average IQ score. In the first game I played the computer, on one of the phases, put down 7 WILD CARDS. SEVEN. SEVEN WILD CARDS ON ONE TURN. I didn't even have one! And let me also say that the computer almost always has 3-4 wild cards per turn and I am lucky to even get one! I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't even know that was possible! Not only did that frustrate me but it became obvious that the computer would complete their phase on the second or third turn every time! Leaving me little time to even put down my phase. I was outraged by this atrocity. I am very displease with this app. What an awful app, a complete scam by the developers. I would not recommend this app to anyone. I wouldn't even give this review a star if I could but I have to. It doesn't even deserve one star.
  8. Phasing
    Why is it that I phase but the game does not move me ? I have phased every time and the person I'm playing against is on 5 and I'm still on the first one. Can't you get the game right? I like the game but this is really aggravating.
  9. Fun
    Fun but doesn't really play "random" like in real life.
  10. I liked the old version of the game better
    I would love to be able to play this game like it use to be. I don't like the new update.
  11. Cheater!!!!!!
    You can literally be rounds ahead of the players and the system will all of a sudden start cheating. Like you won't even get a chance to pull a card to phase up. That's how bad it cheats. I hate it and I'm deleting. Glad I didn't spend money on it.
  12. Y tho... pls halp...
    Playing this game solo is pretty fun. I just got an IPhone 7plus and I was looking forward to being able to play this game with my friends that have iPhones as well but I can't. I haven't played against anyone at all even though we all have the same game. Halp... PLS...
  13. I'm appalled
    There was a promotion for the game today and the company had the audacity to say, "these ones!" Unbelievable!! Learn to use the English language properly.
  14. Avoid
    Everyone is right. I rarely review, but my friends and I loved playing the multiplayer version of this game. They completely removed playing with real people! I would even understand if they paid a premium to do so, but no, just gone. Game currently crashes on me with an ipad2. Horrible.
  15. Money back
    I paid for the master edition and now that has changed. I want what I paid for.
  16. Why do you keep messing with Masters
    IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY. This is getting worse and worse. I want the regular Masters game back. I don't want to play colors for all ten phases. Return it to the original game. I have hated every update you have done and this one is the worst. I paid to play Phase 10 Masters and now it's ruined. Please bring it back
  17. Why did the phases change?
    I've played the Masters edition for a long time. Imagine my surprise when the app updates while I have a game in progress and all of a sudden, the phases are completely different? Not happy at all. Fix it.
  18. What happened???
    I bought this game because I USED to love it.... The original version is just like if you were playing with a deck of real cards. Now, it's a gimmick. Don't "fix" something that's not broken!
  19. Why pay when I already did?
    I don't think it's fair I had to purchase game and now to play certain levels I have to purchase coins to play! Wth did I pay for the game then? Won't be playing!
  20. WAS a great game.
    The previous version was great. I could and did kill hours playing. Then this update came. Terrible. Looks like something my three year old grandson would play. Slow, clumsy, and who wants to play cards with animal avatars? They finally listened and made the avatars more like what we used to have, though most are still ugly. Now they have screwed up the game play. Used to be that you could play Masters Edition and have the same basic phases as the Pro version. Now the developers have decided to put in random phases that change every weekend. Incredibly stupid. I have contacted support on this (when the support page works), contacted them on their blog, even sent a message to the head of the company on his "let me know what you think" page. Totally ignored. Plus the constant adds to buy what you already have bought is highly annoying. About ready to delete this mess and move on.


What`s new

Hello Phase 10 Fans, we have an EXCITING new update for you! Phase 10 has been rebuilt from the ground up with new graphics, levels, characters, pets, opponents and MORE! Come and enjoy the game you love with a cleaner, slicker, and more exciting gaming experience!

Let Dolores guide you through all the exciting new locations and new Phases to play. Lay back and relax in Tropical Paradise, bundle up while playing in Chilly City, cavort with the Greek Pantheon on Mount Olympus - and so much more!

We are excited to bring you this new update and hope you enjoy it!! Lots more to come! Stay tuned.