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  1. Level 177 Unfair Tactics!!!
    I think it is unfair how YOU control the game board on LEVEL 177 in which we are asked to collect 2 Monklings! It is very unfair how you completely move the game board over so there are no moves on the board instead of allowing the player to attempt to collect the Monklings FAIRLY! It seems that KING will do whatever is necessary to cheat the customer and entice them into purchasing more moves to complete a level. Your tactics are shameful!
  2. New update keeps freezing!
    I enjoy this game, but the latest update appears to have some major issues. The game keeps freezing and of course you lose whatever boosters you were using during the game. This is extremely vexing.
  3. Get rid of the duels
    This game would get a 5 star rating from me if you got rid of the stupid duels with the jelly queen, licorice Carl, and whoever else the computerized opponent is. It’s just annoying, and I didn’t download this game to play against someone, I got it to solve these myself. Seriously considering deleting this game for that reason alone.
  4. Cecelia
    This game is very challenging if you love a good challenge this game is for you
  5. I think...
    I’ll start recording the cheating bull crap that goes on with this game that way I’ll have proof and get in on the next class action law suit with these fools! This has to stop!! Cheat so people can spend money?! That’s unethical and greedy!! That’s NO way to do business! Cheaters NEVER win!
  6. Fantastic Game!!!
    This is one of the best games ever!!!
  7. 2nd best Candy Crush game
    Great addition to the sagas. I like the dueling levels, though sometimes you have to rely on luck because your opponent doesn't help clear the board. I like Soda Crush the best but it is so junked up now with contests and boosters it annoys me. This isn't as bad yet. I can get past most levels without boosters so the constant distractions from playing levels is annoying.
  8. Great but...
    This is my favorite Candy Crush game however, it keeps kicking me back to games I already won. It stinks when I have used extra lives & boosters to win then it shows I didn’t finish that level! Must be a glitch, I hope this gets fixed soon because it’s somewhat costly!!!
  9. Good but Soda Crush is better
    Graphics are not so exellent as in Soda Crush, and most stages are not good balanced. Constantly violates his own rules of fish behavior, so the game does not end with success although it should. ADDED: Remove this stupid alien with the balloon that appears before each game. He is very annoying.
  10. Playing against the computer is rediculous
    I delete this game every time the frustrating playing against the annoying pretend characters takes awAy everything earned to that point. You need to make A version without them or a way to skip over that part of the game. Takes all fun out of it.
  11. Worst of the saga
    I like challenging games, but not impossible ones. Some moves in the Jelly Queen/ Carl levels decide to change the rules and screw you when the same move before yielded a different result. I’ll stick with the original and Soda Saga.
  12. Last week would've been 5 stars.
    I lost everything. I was up in higher levels and it all went away and put me back to level one. I'm so frustrated with it now.
  13. Won’t load :(
    I have had this app for months and love it, but since the later update it will not load. Only stays on the orange screen. I’m sad. My entire winter break and didn’t get to play all week. If I reload it I’ll lose my progress.
  14. Candy crush
    Love this game but it is tough and addictive. Wish there were more bonuses
  15. Better Second Time Around
    The first time I played I got discouraged by the levels in which you compete with a character. I uninstalled it for awhile and decided to try again. Having a much better time. I love the orchestration for the music and spreading jelly. . I get a little bored with the puffers though. They can get a bit tedious.
  16. like the challenge
    it's good for my brain seeing I had 4 strokes it good therapy
  17. Jelly
    Annoying as the game takes forever to stop crushing candies when you win
  18. Like the new rewards. Making it more fun to play!
    Like the new rewards. Making it more fun to play!
  19. Why so serious?
    The game is fun, but why is everything so expensive?
  20. Addicting
    I find the game incredibly fun. Yet, the challenge gives a wonderful brain boost


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