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  1. ADORABLE!!!
    Soooo cute and it is a great way to pass time, but it could use a couple more features, other than that it's great!
  2. fun but not too distracting!!
    fun cute game that doesn't take up too much time!
  3. Pretty fun.
    Join this game without knowing that its fun for wasting time. Leave the game runs on its own and come back to spend a lot of money. So far its pretty good.
  4. Fun fun fun
    Lots of fun when I'm looking for something that doesn't make me think!
  5. Sweet like candy
    The game is fun for anytime , it doesn't use internet, it doesn't offer lots of stuff, I think anyone could play it
  6. Fun
    Very fun game that works while you're away.
  7. Doesn't require a lot of time
    Love that you can log in whenever you please and not have any consequences for not sitting on it 24/7. A good game to play when you have time to waste.
  8. ?whatyouwanttoknow
    At the beginning ididntrk what to think but as I started playing more I got addicted you should try it out for sure!:)
  9. Tapping fun!
    Very cute and fun tapping game. I love the stores and characters.
  10. Really cute and addictive
    This game managed to be challenging yet adorable at the same time. The whimsical fairytale theme is amazing and the mechanics are genius. This is one of the best free games I've played in a long time.
  11. Pretty good
    A lot like ad cap but still a good game
  12. Need more features
    Simple cute game, but wish there was more things to do than just making money and building stuff. Where are the princesses?
  13. Swag gamos
    This is a swag awesome gamos my dudes
  14. Very fun
    The characters are very cute and it's fun
  15. Addictive fun
    This game is so much fun! You feel like you make real progress and are improving!
  16. Lol
    Fun but I want more shops and it would Be nice if the price of the charms doesn't increase.
  17. Cool
  18. Needs to run better
    Lags to much plus when I turned off the background music, it was still playing. Not that great.
  19. Simple and cute
    There really isn't a whole lot to this game, but it's cute and easy to play! So far it's not challenging and I haven't had to buy anything to play.
  20. Gets boring
    This app is pretty fun at first. But once u get good at it its really boring.


What`s new

- Bug fixes and stability improvements
- Should fix any NAN issues!