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  1. For the moods.
    I'm only doing this for the moods. Kbye.
  2. Oo
    I like it since it be hard to find people who like kpop or know anything it
  3. absolutely lovely
    of course there's going to be people in this app to ruin it for you, but this is a place to find amazing new people who you can connect with over your favorite thing, kpop. love it, i have a family here
  4. Interface could be clearer
    My favorite part is the way members introduce each other to new music. The app is pretty too, just it's sometimes hard to find stuff. Now that I've gotten more used to it, I use it and contribute to it regularly.
  5. AJU NICE!!!
    it's really great and fun to use, KPOP PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!
  6. KPOP!!!
    Love it!!! Fun and easy to use!!!
  7. I love it
    I'm always on this app! It's a great way to communicate with other kpop fans, create cool blogs, etc. :)
  8. Review
    It's an amazing app. I love it!
  9. Bueno
    Great for keeping up with K-Pop news and meeting new frens :)
  10. Cool App
    I really like the app! It's great how I'm able to chat to other kpop fans through here! I also love the polls and the quizzes! They give me something to do when I'm bored
  11. Love it
    I love this app! It's really nice connecting with other people who share the same interests as you. I love how you can join chats and chat with people. There are so many people that are super friendly and caring. I highly recommend you download this app!
  12. Awesome app
    This app is awesome for K-Popers to get to know each other and find out more about K-Pop groups and cool quizzes to take to test you knowledge of K-Pop
  13. love it!
    i really like this app! i love the polls and i like getting to meet other people who love kpop as much as i do!
  14. Kpop
    I love this app I love taking quizzes and communicating with other K-Pop fans! I recommend
  15. Nice
    Great moves keep it up proud of u
  16. Amazing
    This app is perfect for keeping up to date with everything Kpop. It's perfect to make friends with similar interests and to explore all there is to offer in the Kpop world. I think I'm addicted to the app I love it
  17. KA
    It's lit I got banned tho I got banned again
  18. its lovely!
    its really good and the community is awesome
  19. Amazing
    Best social app for those who love K-Pop. You can make polls, Quizzes, and much more. You can keep in touch with many people, it's your own personal Instagram for K-Pop lovers! Give it a go!
  20. Fantastic
    I love seeing so many profiles full of kpop, it feels like a little world I live in with people that I can relate to.


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